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Taylor "Tay" & Ariana "Ari" Wilcoxson are the winners of Big Brother Australia 15.


Tay & Ari Wilcoxson Biography

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Glam pocket-rocket Tay is a beautician, influencer and social media model from the Gold Coast. Career-driven and fashion conscious, Tay has gained a large social following for her fashion and beauty looks. Having considerably grown her social media platform alongside her sister, Tay is known as the ‘Boho Barbie’ by her followers, with Ari being the ‘Boho Baddie’. Strongly opinionated people and loud chewers give Tay the ick – she’s been single for a year and likes a chilled out, good-looking guy with personality.[1]

Fresh-faced photography student Ari is a social media influencer from the Gold Coast. Half of the troublesome duo who love to party, Ari thinks her fellow Housemates may underestimate her and she’s ready to prove them wrong. Ari moved around a lot as a teenager and feels this has given her the ability to be confident with anyone she meets. While drawn to older people, she tends to get along with everyone. Single since finishing high school and described by her sister Tay as the ‘wild child’ of the family, Ari is after a guy that looks good next to her, takes care of their appearance but isn’t overly cocky.[2]

Player History - Big Brother Australia 15[]

Competition/Task History[]

Week 1 Daily Task Passed
Nomination Ineligible
Shopping Task Earned $350
Nomination Loss
Shopping Task Earned $310
Secret Mission Ineligible
Week 2 Daily Task Punished
Nomination Win
Shopping Task Earned $80
Luxury Win
Luxury Loss
Week 3 Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Win
Daily Task Passed
Luxury Punished
Nomination Loss
Week 4 Nomination Loss
Nomination Loss

Voting History[]

Eviction Voting[]

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Quan Ja Yes
AnnaSophia Lambrou Yes
Annelise Drake Yes
2 Luke Hallinan Yes
Nominations Void
Jake Vella Yes
3 Oli Walton Yes
Taylah Davies No
Lewis Beers Yes
4 Nominated Taylah Davies No

House Nominations[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 AnnaSophia Lambrou
Luke Hallinan
Bella Sommers
2 Jake Vella
3 Teejay Halkias Taylah Davies
? nominations

Nominator History[]

Original Nominees Intended Target
Day 12
Bella Sommers
Day 17
Graciemae Sinclair
Mineé Marx

Post Big Brother[]



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