Tamara Stewart-Wood was a housemate on Big Brother UK 2014.


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Twitter: @Tamara_stewartw
Home Town:London

  • The most important person in Tamara's life is herself.


  • At 16, had had enough and ran away from home with a street ball extreme player. She describes him as the 'love of her life', but said it didn’t have a happy ending.


  • She is fiercely independent and can't stand women who 'just want to make babies and cook lasagne for their husbands'.


  • Although she has a fairly close family, Tamara doesn't really feel that she fits in because she is a 'wild child' and a bit of a 'loose cannon'!


  • Her dream job would involve her being the boss, while wearing Louboutin shoes. She says: "I'd fire people all the time". She would always choose money over love.


  • She doesn't think she has ever been kind to anyone. "I’m known as Cruella Deville", she says.


  • Tamara thinks that her best trait is that she is never what people expect. "I look a brainless bimbo... but I’m not, I'm actually really smart".


  • She thinks that her worst trait is that she is controlling. "I always think I am right. I am selfish too but I see these as good traits to have".


  • When she goes out she is a real 'all or nothing girl'. When she drinks she says her behaviour is 'not pretty' and she acts 'like I have the demon in me'.


  • Tamara usually goes for guys with a six pack 'that are really fit but thick'.


  • She would most hate to go out without food or be put on rations. She has no intentions of cooking in the House as she really doesn't like it.


  • Tamara is very confident that she will win the show, and says the hardest thing she would find about being in there would be the boredom.[1]

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1 Jale Karaturp
Kimberly Kisselovich
Ashleigh Coyle
Chris Wright
Jale Karaturp
Kimberly Kisselovich



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