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Tal "Talia" Ovadia is the winner of HaAh HaGadol 12.


Talia Ovadia Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Reshet

A 28-year-old single woman from Herzliya, owns a digital marketing business and designs evening dresses. She changed her name to Talia following rabbinical advice.[1]

Player's History - HaAh HaGadol 12[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Not in House
Week 2 Failed
Week 3 Weekly Task Failed
Week 4 Weekly Task Passed
Week 5 Weekly Task Passed
Week 6 Weekly Task Failed
Week 7 Weekly Task Passed
Week 8 Weekly Task Failed
Week 9 Weekly Task Failed
Week 10 Weekly Task Passed
Week 11 Weekly Task Passed
Week 12 Weekly Task Passed
Week 13 Weekly Task Passed

Shopping Budget History[]

Week 1 Not in House
Week 2 Economy Budget
Week 3 Economy Budget
Week 4 Luxury Budget
Week 5 Luxury Budget
Week 6 Economy Budget
Week 7 Luxury Budget
Week 8 Economy Budget
Week 9 Economy Budget
Week 10 Luxury Budget
Week 11 Luxury Budget
Week 12 Luxury Budget
Week 13 Luxury Budget
Week 14 Budget Phase Over
Week 15

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not in House
2 No Nominations Nominated
3 Dian Schwartz &
Netanel Rodnitski

Sharin Avraham
Dian Schwartz &
Netanel Rodnitski

Omri Alfia
4 Sharin Avraham
Diana Taranenko
Omri Alfia Nominated
5 No Nominations Nominated
6 No Nominations Nominated
Ilana Taranenko
Bar Cohen
Bar Cohen
Daniel Malka
Sharin Avraham
7 No Nominations
8 Dana Amsalem
Lia Tay Arahony
Sharin Avraham
9 Dana Amsalem
David Mahatzri
Dana Amsalem
Sharin Avraham
10 Dror Rokenshtain Sharin Avraham Post-Save Nominee
No Nominations Nominated
Lia Tay Arahony
Ofek Levy
Sharin Avraham
11 Lia Tay Arahony
Sharin Avraham
Lia Tay Arahony
Ofek Levy
Sharin Avraham
12 No Nominations Nominated
13 Shahaf Raz (TS) Dror Rokenshtain (TS) Nominated
No Nominations Nominated
14 No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Nominated
15 No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]

  • Talia and Shahaf Raz got married on April 16, 2024.


  • Talia had dated Eliav Tati prior to competing on the show.


  1. Talia Ovadia (in Hebrew) (11 June 2022). Retrieved on 11 June 2022.

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