Sylvia Leifheit was a housemate on Promi Big Brother 7.


Sylvia Leifheit Biography

"The most important thing is not to orient yourself to others, recognize yourself, love yourself, become yourself."
Sylvia Leifheit is an actress, model, entrepreneur, author - and in 2019 she will also be the "Celebrity Big Brother" resident.
Sylvia Leifheit joins Celebrity Big Brother on Season 7, taking on the challenge and immersing herself in the world of #PromiBB.
Name: Sylvia Leifheit
Age: 43 years
Date of birth: 3 December 1975
Place of birth: Friedrichroda in Thuringia
Star sign: Sagittarius
Gender Female
Born in the former GDR, Sylvia Leifheit attended an elite school and began her speech and singing education while still a student. In her childhood and youth, Sylvia had to endure many teasing. Due to the constant insults suffered her self-confidence. A change was needed.
From the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan
Sylvia tried new looks and hairstyles and decided to compete in 1990 on a model contest. The big turnaround in her life! The young woman won the beauty contest.
Beginning of the acting career
After a longer modeling career, Sylvia conquered the TV screens after an acting agent had become aware of her at an event in Berlin. She attended the casting for the television series "Stars of the South" and was included in the regular team in 1995.
The big theatrical breakthrough came four years later Sylvia Leifheit by her double role in "The Red Mile" in 1999. In the SAT.1 series she was also seen as the wife of a Secretary of State and as a stripper.
In more than 60 film roles Sylvia could now prove her talent. And she fulfilled another lifelong dream: Born in Thuringia, now living in Ibiza, she became an entrepreneur and founded the model agency "Most Wanted Models".
Spiritual side Privately, Sylvia Leifheit has been married to the Austrian author Gabriel Barylli for more than ten years. Sylvia and her husband celebrated their wedding, but not only civil: In a spiritual soul matrimony in the place of pilgrimage Maria Plain, the married couple before a Apache chieftain in 2008, the yes-word.
Just escaping death For spirituality, the "Celebrity Big Brother" resident found a near-death experience, a friend had to reanimate her. This experience inspired Sylvia to become more involved with spirituality. She wrote several books on the subject. On Sylvia's Instagram page, there are also phrases about more awareness in life.
Now Sylvia Leifheit takes another turn and ventures into the adventure "Celebrity Big Brother" 2019.[1]

Player's History - Promi Big Brother 7

Duel Arena History

Day 3 Live Duel Win
Day 4 Live Duel Win
Day 5 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 6 Live Duel Win
Day 7 Live Duel Loss
Day 8 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 10 Live Duel #1 Ineligible
Live Duel #2 Win
Day 11 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 12 Live Duel Win
Day 13 Live Duel Loss
Day 14 Live Duel Loss

Nomination History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
10 Eva Benetatou
11 Jürgen Trovato Ineligible
12 Jürgen Trovato
13 Ginger Costello Wollersheim
Chris Manazidis
Janine Pink
14 Joey Heindle Janine Pink
Tobi Wegener

Post Big Brother



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