Sulupinsio "Sulu" Banda was a housemate on Big Brother Africa: The Chase.


Player History - Big Brother Africa: The Chase

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Michael Bassey
Hakeem Mandaza
Hakeem Mandaza
2 Neyll De Brito
Pokello Nare
Beverly Osu
3 Angelo Collins
Pokello Nare
Elikem Kumordzie
Neyll De Brito
4 Fatima Nkata
Pokello Nare
Fatima Nkata
Pokello Nare
5 Bolt Lewis
Fatima Nkata
Bolt Lewis
Elikem Kumordzie
O'Neal Madumo
Pokello Nare
6 Annabel Mbaru
Fatima Nkata
7 Natasha Tonthola
Pokello Nare
Elikem Kumordzie
Pokello Nare
8 Pokello Nare
Angelo Collins
Elikem Kumordzie HOH
9 Annabel Mbaru
Dillish Matheus
Nando Khan Nominated


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