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Sukhvinder Javeed was a housemate in Big Brother 18 (UK).

A controversial housemate during her stay in the house. She entered the house with her husband Imran and ultimately put up for the first eviction alongside him. After surviving the first eviction, Sukhvinder was involved in various fights and arguments with various housemates. Then, during the second eviction, Imran was evicted and decided to leave the house alongside her husband.


Age: 38
Twitter: @sukhyjaveed
Hometown: Leeds

  • Raised in a strict Sikh family, Sukhvinder married her Muslim husband at 17 in an Islamic ceremony
  • Sukhvinder feels moms are the unsung heroes of the world
  • Sukhvinder is the Managing Director and inventor for her own company
  • She believes her bluntness is her best personality trait and her worst is that she doesn’t have any patience

Why Big Brother?
"I want to meet the world and I want the world to meet me too! Life is an amazing gift and if you aren’t on TV then who are you?"

Player's History - Big Brother 18 (UK)[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Daily Task Passed
People's Housemate Passed
Daily Task Passed
Week 2 People's Housemate Passed
Daily Task Passed
Weekly Task Passed
Daily Challenge Win

Shopping Budget History[]

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Luxury Budget

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
Tom Barber Nominated
2 Kayleigh Morris
Rebecca Jane
Chanelle McCleary
Ellie Young
Kieran Lee
Lotan Carter
Rebecca Jane
Tom Barber


  • Sukhvinder is the first walker to exit through the front door. All other walkers have walked out of the garden door/wall or the diary room.


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