Stoyko Sakaliev is a contestant on VIP Brother 5 (Bulgaria) & Big Brother Bulgaria All-Stars 6.


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Born city: Sofia
Education: secondary
Age: 39 years
Sign: Aries
Family status: divorced
Occupation: own business
Harmful habits: I do not
Hobbies and interests: cycling
Describe yourself in a few words: smiling, cheerful, energetic, with a sense of humor.
The best words they said about you: That my closest people love me
What are you proud of: with your daughter Lubomira
The three things you can not live with in the House: bicycle, toothbrush, toothpaste
People know him as a football player, as he himself says, to the biggest team - CSKA. Football is in the past, but CSKA will always be in his heart, says Stoyko: "When you lose love for something, everything ends and you have to look for something new and different." Today's players talk and pay attention to their looks rather than to the game, says Stoyko, and now has found a new passion - cycling.

He enters again in the House for 5 years to experience the emotions since then. For him VIP Brother is a wonderful experience!

"One person must always be motivated to achieve his goal, and it is clearly finalized," says Stoyko. He does not compromise with himself to win at any price or enjoy, but ultimately - it's all in the hands of the viewer. [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 5 (Bulgaria)

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position

Player's History - Big Brother Bulgaria All-Stars 6

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Nikita Jönsson
Vesela Neynski
Dzhuliana Gani
Nikita Jönsson
2 Nikita Jönsson
Vesela Neynski
3 Nikita Jönsson
Stoyan Royanov
4 Nikita Jönsson
Tsvetan Andreev
Nikita Jönsson Nominated

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