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Stay or Fold (also known as the Counting Competition or Counting Confidence) is a recurring Power of Veto competition.


  1. A number of odd items are placed in the backyard in various showcases. Each showcase consists of two parts:
    1. A display containing a small amount of the item, with a sign showing exactly how much of the item is in that display.
    2. A larger display containing a much larger amount of the item.
  2. At the beginning of the competition the houseguests are given some time to look at each showcase.
  3. After this, the game proceeds in rounds. At the beginning of each round, the houseguests are asked to write down their guess at how much of an item is in one of the larger displays.
  4. After everyone has written down an answer, the houseguests are told how much of the item is in the large display. They are then given the option to either "stay" with their estimate or "fold".
    1. A houseguest who is confident their guess was closer to the actual amount than anyone else's can "stay" in the game for the round.
    2. A houseguest who is not so confident in their guess can "fold" and withdraw from the round.
  5. Of the houseguests who "stayed", the person who is closest to the correct answer is given one point, while the person who is farthest away from the correct answer is eliminated. Those who "folded" cannot be eliminated, but are also unable to earn points. If only one player stays, that player earns a point.
  6. The first houseguest to earn three points or the last houseguest to be eliminated wins the Power of Veto.


List of the Stay or Fold Competitions[]

Season Week Name Variant Winner
9 7 "Big Brother Boardwalk"
James Zinkand
10 6 "Haunted Yard"
Dan Gheesling
11 4 "Vini Vidi Veto"
Michele Noonan
12 3 "Veto Of Fortune"
Brendon Villegas
14 6 "Candy Counter"
Frank Eudy
15 7 "BBB Movie"
Andy Herren
16 9 "BBB Sting Operation"
Cody Calafiore
18 10 "Santa's Little Counters"
Nicole Franzel
24 7 "One, Two, Three, VIP"
Brittany Hoopes


Celebrity (Quebec)[]

Season Week Name Variant Winner
1 4 Stay or Fold
Emmanuel Auger


  • In Big Brother 13, the competition was played as an HOH. Unlike other versions, there was no stay and fold. They would keep going until there was one houseguest left.
  • In Big Brother 16, there was a situation where five members of the "Detonators" alliance were playing in the competition against Donny Thompson. In order to ensure that a Detonator would win the Veto, Christine Brecht organized a system where all members of the alliance except for an agreed upon person would fold in each round. This way, Donny would have to both stay and make the more accurate guess in each round, or lose the Veto (if he folded, the Detonator would automatically gain a point, and if he guessed incorrectly, he would be eliminated from the competition). This strategy ended up paying off, as Donny was eliminated in the third round and Detonator Cody Calafiore went on to win the Veto.
    • As a result of this strategy, the "Stay or Fold" competition was not used during Big Brother 17.

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