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Soulmates was one of three central twists in Big Brother 9. This involved a man and a woman being paired up as "soulmates" (The exception being Joshuah Welch and Neil Garcia), and were chosen by Big Brother based off of compatibility via forms filled out during their audition process. The soulmates would win HOHs together, vetos together, and they would evict together. Soulmates MUST agree on who to vote out, otherwise the first couple to disagree on who to vote out would be evicted. The soulmates were disbanded during the third week after the official revealing of Ryan Quicksall and Allison Nichols being evicted. Alarms began to sound and Julie Chen revealed that now they would be playing as individuals, and the eviction was now between Allison and Ryan, with Allison being evicted unanimously.

The Soulmates were:


  • Adam Jasinski and Sheila Kennedy were the last of the soulmates to be broken up, managing to make the Final 3.
  • Joshuah Welch and Sharon Obermueller were the only House Guests to have two "soulmates" during the game. (Joshuah was partnered up with Neil Garcia and Sharon after Neil had walked, and Sharon was partnered with Jacob Heald and was brought back by Big Brother after being previously evicted to replace Neil as Joshuah's "soulmate").
  • Joshuah Welch and Neil Garcia were the only "Soulmate" pairing that consisted of two members with the same gender.
  • Sharon Obermueller and Jacob Heald's partnership coincided with the X-Factor twist that first appeared on Big Brother 4 (US).