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Slop is the name for a food specially created for the US and Canadian versions of Big Brother. It is similar to oatmeal, but has a notably repulsive texture and taste. It is used by Big Brother as a way to punish houseguests, typically for losing the week's Food Competition or Have/Have-Not Competition. Slop was first introduced in Big Brother All-Stars as a punishment for houseguests who lost the weekly food competition, replacing the previous punishment of exclusively eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Slop would be used in the subsequent three seasons for the same purpose. Starting with Big Brother 11 (US), slop was merged with the Have-Not punishment: each week, Have-Nots are only allowed to eat slop in addition to all other disadvantages they face. Slop has so far been used as a part of the Have-Not punishment in every season of Big Brother Canada.


The Slop Pass

Despite its poor taste, slop is specially designed to contain all necessary vitamins and nutrients, so as not to leave houseguests on slop malnourished. Slop will commonly be used as a leverage tool in temptation and punishment-based HoH and Veto competitions: A Slop Pass or Never-Not Pass, which grants the winner immunity to these punishments typically for the rest of the season, may be used as a secondary reward; additionally, some competitions may have houseguests waging or agreeing to go on a slop-only diet for a certain number of days in order to remain in the game.


  • Houseguests are typically allowed to consume a number of condiments in addition to slop while on the punishment.
  • During Big Brother 9 (US), Amanda Hansen, who suffered from Type 1 Diabetes, fainted from low blood sugar while on slop. She was hospitalized and returned to the house the following morning. Since then, Big Brother has offered a sugar insert for houseguests to mix into slop to prevent similar incidents from happening.
  • As promotion for Big Brother 19 (US), CBS revealed the recipe used for slop. It is as follows:
    • 3 1/2 cups steel cut oats
    • Bring 12 cups of water to a boil
    • Add oats to water, then reduce heat to medium-low
    • Simmer uncovered 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally
    • Add 1 cup unflavored whey protein isolate
    • Add 1/2 cup unflavored soy protein
    • Add 4 tsp vitamin and mineral powder
    • Stir until fully incorporated
    • Here is the video that showcases the recipe.
  • Some houseguests will break the rules of their punishment by eating regular food while on slop. This often results in further punishments from Big Brother, including a penalty vote if the houseguest is nominated for eviction or an extension of the houseguest's time on slop.