Slippery Slope is a recurring Head of Household, Have/Have-Not, and Power of Veto competition.


Starting at a large tube of some liquid and using a scooper, transfer it down the end of your slippery, icy lane and dump it in a container that will eventually accumulate to retrieve a ball. Getting the ball secures the victory, winning the competition.

Usually, there are two containers at the end of the lane. The bigger one is for the HoH and the smaller one is for an advantage in either the game or for yourself.


United States

The competition first appeared on Big Brother 8, during Week 9. Houseguest Zach Swerdzewski won the competition, winning his first HoH of the season, while Eric Stein won a phone call from home, which he then gave to Jessica Hughbanks.

The competition reappeared on Big Brother 11, during Week 8. Houseguest Kevin Campbell won, securing his first HoH win of the summer.

Appearing again on Big Brother 13, the houseguests competed during Week 7. Jeff Schroeder won the competition, winning his first HoH of the season.

On the following season, Big Brother 14, houseguests competed during Week 6. Shane Meaney won the competition, winning his second HoH of the summer, while Mike "Boogie" Malin won $5,000 and Britney Haynes won immunity for the week.

The competition reappeared on Big Brother 15, during Week 2, as a duo competition. Houseguests Aaryn Gries and Jeremy McGuire won the competition, but Jeremy gave the win to Aaryn, giving her her first HoH of the season.

On the following season, Big Brother 16, houseguests competed during Week 10. Caleb Reynolds won the competition, securing his third HoH win of the summer, while Derrick Levasseur won $5,000 and 5,000 Hollas as a Luxury prize.

Appearing once again on Big Brother 17, houseguests competed during Week 7. Houseguest Becky Burgess won the competition, winning her first permanent HoH of the summer, in addition to the Luxury prizes of a Never-Not Pass and $5,000.

In its next appearance, Big Brother 18, houseguests competed during Week 12. Corey Brooks won the competition, winning his second HoH of the summer.

Its next appearance was during Big Brother 19, with houseguests competing during Week 8. This time, it was used as a PoV competition instead of an HoH, and Jason Dent won it as his second PoV of the summer. This competition coincided with the Zingbot Competition.


The competition was first used during Big Brother Canada 2 as a Have/Have-Not competition. After playing the competition, the have-nots were Allison, Jon, and Paul.

In its next Canadian appearance on Big Brother Canada 4, it was used as a PoV competition, won by Nick Paquette.

Its most recent Canadian appearance on Big Brother Canada 7 had it used as a PoV competition, won by Adam Pike

List of Slippery Slope Competitions

United States

Season Week Name Variant Winner
8 9 "Big Brother Tea Party"
Zach Swerdzewski
Eric Stein (Luxury)
11 8 "The S'More The Merrier"
Kevin Campbell
13 7 "All Washed Up"
Jeff Schroeder
14 6 "Swamped"
Shane Meaney
Mike "Boogie" Malin (Luxury)
Britney Haynes (Immunity)
15 2 "Big Brother BBQ"
Aaryn Gries
Jeremy McGuire
16 10 "Sloppy the Snowman"
Caleb Reynolds
Derrick Levasseur (Luxury)
17 7 "Midway Mayhem"
Becky Burgess (Luxury)
18 12 "BB Slide in Theatre"
Corey Brooks
19 8 "Home Zing Home"
Jason Dent
20 8 "Glow & Flow"
Faysal Shafaat


Season Week Name Variant Have-Nots or Veto Winner
2 3 "Big Brother Bottle Service"
Allison White
Jon Pardy
Paul Jackson
3 9 "Pit Stop to Veto"
Ashleigh Wood
4 4 "Slow Roller"
Nick & Phil Paquette (Nick)
7 2 "On A Roll"
Adam Pike


  • Daniele Donato, Jordan Lloyd, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian are the only houseguests to compete in this competition twice. None of them have won either time they competed.
  • Jeff Schroeder and James Huling competed once and were present once for this competition.
    • Both were the outgoing Heads of Households and thus did not compete.
      • Coincidentally, they both were present only during their first season and competed during their second season.

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