Silent Six
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 14
Members Britney Haynes
Danielle Murphree
Dan Gheesling
Frank Eudy
Mike Malin
Shane Meaney
Defectors Britney Haynes
Danielle Murphree
Dan Gheesling
Shane Meaney
Votes Against 20
HoH Wins 8
Veto Wins 10
Lowest Placing Member Mike Malin (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Dan Gheesling (2/16)

The Silent Six is a short lived alliance from Big Brother 14.


After Danielle Murphree won the Head of Household competition, Mike Malin felt like he, and his ally Frank Eudy, were targets. He spoke with Danielle and her coach, Dan Gheesling, who were already in an alliance with Britney Haynes and Shane Meaney about backdooring a stronger competitor in the game: Janelle Pierzina. Originally, the other four were against the idea, but Dan managed to convince Danielle and the others. The six formed an alliance which they called the Silent Six (signifying the alliance's secrecy). When Danielle won the Power of Veto, she went through with the plan and nominated Janelle as a replacement nominee. Janelle was evicted later that week in a vote of 8 to 1.

The Quack Pack

Also during week 4, the Silent Six (sans Eudy and Malin), created a new, separate alliance in favor of Ian Terry. The five agreed to work against the Chilltown 2.0 members the next chance they could get. Terry named the alliance the Quack Pack, much to the humor of the other members.

Suspicions of Betrayal

During his reign as HOH in week 5, Frank began to doubt that the Silent Six would stick together through the rest of the game. Mike convinced him otherwise, saying that they had no one else to trust. Frank kept his alliance safe by nominating Joe Arvin and Wil Heuser and eventually causing Heuser's eviction.

Downfall and Destruction

When Shane became Head of Household in week 6, the four Quack Pack members broke free from the Silent Six alliance and left Frank and Mike behind. Shane nominated both Eudy and Malin for eviction that week, but Frank managed to win the Veto and take himself off of the block. Nonetheless, Mike was evicted that week in a 5 to 2 vote. The Quack Pack continued to pick off Frank's allies (mainly Ashley Iocco) before they were finally able to evict Frank in week 8.

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