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Shut Your Mouth
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 4
Members Loveita Adams
Joel Lefevre
Mitchell Moffit
Votes Against 18
HoH Wins 3 (Weeks 1, 3 and 4)
Lowest Placing Member Loveita Adams (12/16)
Highest Placing Member Joel Lefevre (5/16)

The Shut Your Mouth was an alliance in Big Brother Canada 4 which consisted of Loveita Adams, Joel Lefevre and Mitchell Moffit.


Loveita Adams
Joel Lefevre
Mitchell Moffit


It is the alliance that Loveita wanted so much, Joel agreed to because he's nice and Mitch was threw in because he needed to maintain his trust with Loveita.

These 3 houseguests had great mutual relationships with each other from the start of the game. After a while it came to Loveita's mind that they should solitify something. As it was too early in the game (Week 3), neither Joel or Mitch wanted to choose a side just yet.

Still the alliance was formed, but didn't last long. During Week 4, Loveita's distrust of Mitch has grown even more and when she was evicted in a Fake Double Eviction and went into the Secret Suite with Kelsey, the first thing she told her about was this alliance, thus exposing Mitch's game.

After Loveita left the game, Joel's and Mitch's game started to shift apart. They still stayed very good friends, but voted opposite ever since.

In Week 6, when Kelsey came back with the information from Loveita, she immediately targeted Mitch and convinced Raul  put him on the block next to Joel.

Mitch was later evicted by a vote of 5-3, leaving Joel as the last member of the alliance left in the game.


  • To the fans was the name of the alliance revealed only after Loveita got into the Secret Suite with Kelsey.
  • The name of the alliance came from a game that Joel invented to pass time in the house.
  • Mitch is the only member of the alliance to have not been HOH, although he and Joel won the Week 4 HOH Competition, which was given to Joel.
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