A Showmance (a portmanteau of the words show and romance) is a type of relationship formed in the Big Brother house. These involve two House Guests involved in a romantic and flirtatuous relationship, usually for entertainment purposes. However, many reality shows involve showmances. Some of the most memorable showmances are Brendon and Rachel (Seasons 12 and 13) (Brenchel), Jeff and Jordan (Seasons 11 and 13), and McCrae and Amanda (Season 15) (McCranda).

Showmance(s) by Seasons

Big Brother (U.S.)

Season Male Female
2 Mike "Boogie" Malin Krista Stegall
Will Kirby Shannon Dragoo
3 Roddy Mancuso Chiara Jude Berti
Eric Ouellette Lisa Donahue
4 Nathan Marlow Alison Irwin
David Lane Amanda Craig
Justin Giovinco Dana Varela
5 Drew Daniel Diane Henry
Jase Wirey Holly King
6 Michael Donnellan Janelle Pierzina
James Rhine Sarah Hrejsa
7 Will Kirby Janelle Pierzina
Mike "Boogie" Malin Erika Landin
8 Eric Stein Jessica Hughbanks
Nick Starcevic Daniele Donato
9 James Zinkand Chelsia Hart
Matt McDonald Natalie Cunial
Ryan Quicksall Jen Diturno
10 Bryan Ollie April Dowling
Jessie Godderz Michelle Costa
11 Jessie Godderz Natalie Martinez
Jessie Godderz Lydia Tavera
Jeff Schroeder Jordan Lloyd
12 Brendon Villegas Rachel Reilly
Hayden Moss Kristen Bitting
13 Dominic Briones Daniele Donato
14 Shane Meaney Danielle Murphree
Ian Terry Ashley Iocco
Frank Eudy Ashley Iocco
15 David Girton Aaryn Gries
Jeremy McGuire Kaitlin Barnaby
McCrae Olson Amanda Zuckerman
Judd Daugherty Jessie Kowalski
Judd Daugherty Aaryn Gries

Big Brother Canada

Season Male Female
1 Alec Beall Topaz Brady
Thomas Plant Liza Stinton
Emmett Blois Jillian MacLaughlin
Peter Brown Liza Stinton
2 Andrew Gordon Allison White


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