Shabby Katchadourian was a housemate in Big Brother 11 (UK).

Shabby voluntarily left the house on Day 27 following an argument with fellow housemate, Nathan Dunn.


Shabby moved to London when she was 17 and now lives in a squat.

The former child actress turned rebel had an appearance in Black Beauty and lost out to Lindsay Lohan for the starring role in Parent Trap, and now prefers being on the other side of the camera.

"Films shouldn’t be escapist - they should hold a mirror up to the world and show it what it’s really like," she says.

Describing herself as "a walking contradiction" and a citizen of the world, she wants to portray squatters in a different light with a shoot planned with Italian Vogue - yet she eats food thrown away by supermarkets.

Her mum found out she was a lesbian after catching her with her first girlfriend. She also learned she was an elf in a former life.

Age: 24.

From: London.

Occupation: Film-maker.

Likes: Moving around, poetry, "giant boobs".

Dislikes: Public transport, authority figures, being told no, strawberries and mould, Keira Knightley, oppression.

Why She Will Annoy Us: She has an "inner spoilt brat waiting to get out", and no doubt it will unleash itself in Big Brother.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother 11 (UK)

Task History

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Sunshine Martyn
Dave Vaughan
Ben Duncan
John James Parton
Mario Mugan
Steve Gill
Sunshine Martyn
2 Ben Duncan
Dave Vaughan
Ben Duncan
Dave Vaughan
John James Parton
Mario Mugan
3 Sunshine Martyn
Dave Vaughan
Ben Duncan
Dave Vaughan
Mario Mugan
Steve Gill
Sunshine Martyn
4 Walked

Post Big Brother

  • In July 2011, Shabby appeared in "Candy Bar Girls."[2]
  • In 2013, Shabby appeared in "More Sex, Lies, Depravity."[3]


  • Shabby was nominated every week she was in the house
  • Shabby and fellow houseguest Dave Vaughan are the first two houseguests in Big Brother UK, to be nominated for the first three evictions in a row
  • Every week Shabby was in the house, she nominated Dave Vaughan and received nominations from Ben Duncan and Mario Mugan.


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