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|TimesNominated2 = 1 (Day 10A)
|TimesNominated2 = 1 (Day 10A)
|TimesSaved2 = 0
|TimesSaved2 = 0
|Place2 = 25th
|Place2 = 27th
|Days2 = 10
|Days2 = 10
|NominationsReceived2 = 0
|NominationsReceived2 = 0
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[[Category:Season 4 (ITA VIP) Contestants]]
[[Category:Season 4 (ITA VIP) Contestants]]
[[Category:Contestants Appearing in Multiple Seasons]]
[[Category:Contestants Appearing in Multiple Seasons]]
[[Category:25th Place]]
[[Category:27th Place]]

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Sergio Volpini was a housemate on Grande Fratello VIP 4. He previously competed on Grande Fratello 1.


Sergio Volpini Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Mediaset
Date of birth: June 10, 1975
City: Ancona
One of the most beloved protagonists of the first edition , has remained in the collective memory with the nickname "Ottusangolo" with which he renamed it Gialappa's Band.
Sergio returns to the most spied house in Italy exactly twenty years after the first entrance.
After participating in the reality show, the Marches moved to live abroad where he stayed for ten years before returning to Italy and facing this new adventure in the house, we are sure that fun will not be missing![1]

Player's History - Grande Fratello 1Edit

Nominations HistoryEdit

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position

Player's History - Grande Fratello VIP 4Edit

Nominations HistoryEdit

Week Position Voted For With Majority?
1 In the Privè
Week Nominated Nominated by Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Exempt
No Nominations Nominated


  1. Sergio (in Italian) (8 January 2020). Retrieved on 8 January 2020.


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