Sequence Explosion is a recurring Power of Veto competition. It is an elimination-style veto based largely on memory skills.


  1. The houseguests will be given a large object and a number of smaller, differently-colored but otherwise identical items relating to the main object (for example: a bomb and its wires, a flask and several chemicals, etc.)
  2. To stay in this competition, the houseguests must either cut the correct wire or pour in the correct ingredient each round.
  3. A sequence of these items will play on a monitor in front of the houseguests. They will then be instructed to cut a specific wire or pour in a specific ingredient (i.e. "Cut the third wire that appeared in the sequence", "Pour in the chemical that appeared the most in this sequence")
  4. The houseguest must then display which item they will be cutting/using, and then use it.
  5. If the houseguest chose the correct item, they will advance to the next round. If they chose the wrong item, the large object will explode on them and they will be eliminated.
  6. The last houseguest standing wins the Power of Veto.


List of the Sequence Explosion Competitions


Season Week Name Variant Winner
16 10 "BB Blast, Inc."
Christine Brecht
17 4 "Saved by the Smell"
Vanessa Rousso
18 3 "Vetolicious"
Bridgette Dunning
19 4 "BB Juicy Blast"
Jessica Graf


Season Day Name Variant Winner
2 22 "Color Blast"
Tom Green


  • Tom is the only male to win this competition.
    • The civilian version of this competition has only been won by women.
  • During BB19, debuted a "Hall of Fame" for this competition, where they had framed pictures of the first three to win this competition ever.
  • Jessica Graf is the only person to win this competition and not make it to the jury phase.
  • BB16 is the only season to feature this competition during jury phase. Ever since BB17 the competition is taken place pre-jury.
  • Bridgette and Jessica are the only women to win this competition and be HoH as well.
  • In the BB16 version, Cody Calafiore received a punishment for being the first person out: He had to wear a dinosaur outfit for a week.

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