Seichang "Seiichi" Ushimi was a contestant in Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited.


Real Name:Seiichi Ushimi
Origin:Tokyo, Japan
Hobbies:reading books
Favorite Color:pink, purple, wine red… cute colors
Favorite Food:kare-kare, adobo, barbecue
Favorite Show:Dragonball Z, Pinoy Big Brother, ASAP
Favorite Actor:-
Favorite Actress:Sarah Geronimo, Penelope Cruz
Favorite Singer:SMAP band

Seichang grew up in Japan, but her mom was on Davao, he sometimes go back from the Philippines. Seiichi was At home because for him, Pinoys were kind. First of all on why decided to audition? He thought he will meet Sarah Geronimo! He just knew also about the ex-housemate, Cathy from PBB Double Up. When he entered the Big Brother House, Seichang meet friends and just became happy. “Basta experience, good opportunity for the future.”

He was scared at the cockroaches, so it's important to him that the house was clean and neat. He also agreed on all of Big Brother's task. Seichang also can cook hamburger and yakisoba! He just only knew about a little bit of words and he can't understand Filipino at English. His strategy is: “Always smile and chika chika!” Seichang was also happy and have back-up plan of Pinoy Anime of Japan: Sign language and acting!

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