Sebastián Martínez is a contestant in Gran Hermano 18 (Spain).


Name: Sebastián Martínez
Age: 42 years
Hometown: Born in Argentina. Reside in Villalvilla (Madrid)
Profession: Hospitality entrepreneur.

Sebas lives in a residential area of ​​Villalvilla (municipality of Madrid), very close to his two brothers and their parents. They all came to Spain from Argentina almost seventeen years ago. Sebastian and his brother owned a bar croquettes, but a few months ago decided to put their own factory. It is considered a noble, outgoing, sensible, responsible, and pretty competitive guy who likes to live life. He does not like arrogant people who feel above others. He loves his bike, walk with your dog, photography and cooking. He wants to enter the house because it seems a fascinating experience because, as a spectator, he enjoys a lot.[1]

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