Save-Evict Voting is the combined voting process of Vote to Save and Vote to Evict.

The merged process has been used notably by Big Brother Australia, Pinoy Big Brother and Big Brother (UK).

The Process

Once the voting lines opened, the viewers will have a choice to save a nominee and at the same time, evict a nominee. The nominees would then have save votes and evict votes to be collected throughout the week.

After the voting lines have closed, the total amount of votes for each nominee will then be tallied. The percentage of eviction votes for each nominee will then be subtracted to their save vote percentage.

The nominee with the least amount of save votes or worse, the highest amount of eviction votes after the merge would be the one evicted out of the house.


  • Pinoy Big Brother: All In used the Save-Evict Process on the Big Night Finale, tremendously changing the entire placement of the season's Big Four.
    • Daniel Matsunaga became the season's Big Winner through the implementation of the Save-Evict Process.
    • If ever the Vote to Win was implemented instead of the S-E Voting, Jane Oineza would most likely be the winner as she gathered the highest amount of save votes that night, however, she also had the highest amount of evict votes, dragging her down to 3rd Place.

Voting Processes
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