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Saskia Howard-Clarke was a housemate on Big Brother 6 (UK).

In the first couple of weeks, Saskia proved to be popular with housemates and viewers alike. This was evident in week two when all of the housemates were put up for eviction via a public vote due to rule breaking because when Saskia’s name was announced, the live studio audience cheered her. She also was known for having a romantic relationship with housemate Maxwell.

However, events took a turn for the worse things took a wrong turn when a divide in the house occurred and two members of her group, Anthony and Maxwell were banned from nominations – leaving Saskia in the vulnerable position of being nominated by the other group who sided with Makosi Musambasi after a heated confrontation between the pair.

Some of the comments Saskia made in her argument with Makosi sparked a debate about racism being a factor in the house and both Maxwell and Saskia were put up for the public vote. Saskia was evicted by a majority 71% of the vote and greeted the crowd to a mixed reception on Day 36. She received the highest percentage of any eviction vote during the whole series.


Player History - Big Brother 6 (UK)[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Mary O'Leary
Craig Coates
Derek Laud
Mary O'Leary
2 Derek Laud
Lesley Sanderson
Craig Coates
Derek Laud
Lesley Sanderson
Vanessa McIntosh
3 Roberto Conte
Derek Laud
Science Harvey
4 Derek Laud
Roberto Conte
5 Makosi Musambasi
Science Harvey
Derek Laud
Kemal Shahin
Makosi Musambasi
Vanessa McIntosh

Post Big Brother[]

  • Saskia continued her relationship with Maxwell Ward for two years following the show.[1]



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