Sara Bermúdez is a contestant in Gran Hermano 18 (Spain).


Name: Sara Bermúdez
Age: 21 years
Hometown: Madrid
Profession: Student arrangements and adaptations garments.

Sara is a very active and crazy young, can never be still and quiet, says he perceives the energies and feelings of people, is the group gracious, generous and sincere. He likes to listen to people and always help where I can, but if not reciprocal cuts right away. He loves to skate, write and recite poetry, go volunteer with children, exercise, animals and sports. It is a faithful follower of the program and loves to see his mother, laugh and mourn together with the stories of the house. It recognizes that it is difficult to live with it, not have it easy with so many strangers around, but would be afraid to die to get into Big Brother to prove in that regard.[1]

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