Safety Ceremony is a twist to Nominations in Big Brother: Over The Top.

The Head of Household goes to his or her room alone. There, the HoH must select a specified number of people to be safe during the first Safety Ceremony. The houseguests that are not HoH are downstairs, wearing necklaces. When the HoH presses a button with their picture, the houseguest's necklace downstairs turns green, meaning they are safe. This process continues until the specified number is reached.

During the second ceremony, another number of houseguests will be saved and two people will have necklaces that did not change color. Those two houseguests have been nominated for eviction that week.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
Head of Household Monte Alex Scott Kryssie Danielle Shelby Danielle Shelby Morgan Jason Head of Household
First Safety
1st Neeley Jason Justin Alex Kryssie Morgan Morgan Justin Justin Kryssie Chosen To
Go To Finale
2nd Whitney Kryssie Alex Neeley Justin Kryssie Shelby Kryssie Shelby
3rd Cornbread Whitney Whitney Justin Jason Jason Justin Hit The Road
4th Morgan Neeley Jason Danielle Kryssie Morgan
5th Shane Morgan
Second Safety
1st Justin Shelby Morgan Jason Scott Alex Morgan
2nd Alex Justin Shane Whitney Morgan Justin
3rd Kryssie Monte Danielle Shelby Alex
4th Shelby Scott Shelby
5th Scott
Nominated Danielle Danielle Kryssie Morgan Shelby Danielle Justin Danielle Jason
Jason Shane Neeley Scott Whitney Whitney Whitney Jason Kryssie


  • Neeley Jackson is the first female as well as the first houseguest to be deemed safe at a safety ceremony.
  • Cornbread Ligon is the first male houseguest to be deemed safe at a safety ceremony.
  • Danielle Lickey and Jason Roy are the first houseguests to not be safe at a safety ceremony.
  • Danielle is also the first houseguest to not be safe at multiple ceremonies.
    • She is the last person to be deemed safe at a safety ceremony.
  • Whitney Hogg is the first to be nominated after a safety ceremony after being evicted.
  • Justin Duncan is the last houseguest to be nominated after a safety ceremony.
  • The Safety Ceremony is very reminiscent of the pre-BB16 nomination ceremonies when the HoH named who was safe first by pulling out keys. Those whose keys were not pulled were thus nominated.
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