Sónia Jesus[2] was a housemate on Big Brother Portugal 5.

On Day 65, Sónia walked from the game after being fed up with production after they gave her an automatic nomination.


Sónia Jesus Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVI
Age: 27 years
Location: Vila Nova de Gaia
Street seller of cork bases. He loves what he does and ensures that no one leaves the bank without buying. She considers herself a cheerful and lively saleswoman. She has lived with the father of her two daughters for 9 years and is always very passionate, always using the expression “my Victor”. He has a very busy life, but he doesn't complain. He ensures that he has a “very short fuse” and does not like people who play poor things. He says that if you want real people, he is perfect, because there is no more real.[3]

Player's History - Big Brother Portugal 5

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Fábio Martins
Soraia Moreira
Diogo Cunha
Fábio Martins
Pedro Soá
Soraia Moreira
Used POV on Self
3 Daniel Guerreiro
Iury Mellany
Jéssica Nogueira
Daniel Guerreiro
Jéssica Nogueira
4 Ineligible
5 Renato Ponte
Teresa Silva
Noélia Pereira
Teresa Silva
To Eject
6 Daniel Guerreiro
Diogo Cunha
Ana Catharina França
Daniel Guerreiro
Diogo Cunha
Noélia Pereira
7 Teresa Silva
Noélia Pereira
Soraia Moreira
Diogo Cunha
Noélia Pereira
8 Noélia Pereira
Daniel Guerreiro
Diogo Cunha
Pedro Alves
9 Noélia Pereira
Diogo Cunha
Ana Catharina França
Dethroned HOH



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