Roger Lucero is a 3rd Placer finalist on the Civilian Edition in Pinoy Big Brother: 737


Roger Lucero Biography

Origin: Bacolod

Age: 28

Occupation: Tour Guide

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing

If you have visited The Ruins in Bacolod before, you might have already met the witty and hardworking tour guide, Roger. Lacking a degree in college, Roger could only get work as a house helper until his humor led him to guiding tourists around the “Taj Mahal” of Bacolod. Besides being the funny tour guide of The Ruins, Roger is also a responsible family man who dreams of being able to provide a more comfortable life for his wife and 3-year old son.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother: 737

Adult History

Task History

Week 8 Weekly Task Win
Week 9 Weekly Task Win
Week 10 Weekly Task Loss
Week 11 Weekly Task Win
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Week 13 Weekly Task Win
Week 14 Weekly Task Win
Week 15 Weekly Task Win
Week 16 Weekly Task Loss
Week 17 Weekly Task Loss
Week 18 Weekly Task Win

Competition History

Week 9 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 10 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 11 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 12 Big Yanig Challenge Loss
Ligtask Loss
Week 14 Dance 'Til You Drop Win
Week 15 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 18 Big Jump Part 1 Win
Big Jump Part 2 Win
Big Jump Part 3 Loss
Big Jump Part 4 Loss

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
8 James Linao Dawn Chang
9 2-Dawn Chang
1-Jessica Marasigan
10 2-Margo Midwinter
1-Krizia Lusuegro
11 2-Charlhone Petro
1-Margo Midwinter
1-Charlhone Petro
12 Ineligible
Big Yanig Twist
Tommy Esguerra
Richard Juan
13 No Nominations
Yanig Challenger Twist
14 1-Tommy Esguerra Safe
Dance 'Til You Drop Challenge
15 2-Tommy Esguerra
1-Zeus Collins
16 2-Jameson Blake
1-Zeus Collins
17 Ineligible
House Guests Vote
Franco Rodriguez
18 +1-Dawn Chang
+1-Miho Nishida
+1-Zeus Collins
+1-Dawn Chang
+1-Zeus Collins
+1-Tommy Esguerra
Eliminated on 3rd Round
Big Jump Week
Rounds 2, 3, 4
19 No Nominations
Open Voting
The Big Night 3rd Place


Preceded by
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PBBAIJane Small
Jane Oineza
3rd Big Placer
(3rd Place)

PBB737Franco SmallPBB737Roger Small
Teen Chapter:Franco Rodriguez
Adult Chapter:Roger Lucero
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Season 7
PBB7Yong Small
Yong Muhajil
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