Roadkill Competition is a new competition that premiered during Big Brother 18. Similar to the MVP Twist during Big Brother 15, the winner of the competition will be notified in private to select a third nominee for eviction.


Week 1

The first Roadkill Competition was won by Frank Eudy. He would then nominate Paul Abrahamian for eviction. Paul would then go on to win the Power of Veto. When Paul used the veto on himself, Frank nominated Bridgette Dunning as the replacement nominee.

Week 2

The second Roadkill Competition was won by Victor Arroyo. He nominated Tiffany Rousso as the third nominee.

Week 3

The third Roadkill Competition was won by Frank Eudy for the second time. He nominated Bronte D'Acquisto as the third nominee.

Week 4

The fourth and final Roadkill Competition was won by Tiffany Rousso. She nominated Corey Brooks as the third nominee. When Corey won the Power of Veto and used it on himself, she nominated Da'Vonne Rogers in his place.

List of the Roadkill Competitions

Season Week Competition Winner Roadkill Nomination
18 1 "Take It Off "
Frank Eudy
Paul Abrahamian

Bridgette Dunning

2 "18 Dollas"
Victor Arroyo
Tiffany Rousso
3 "Hornstar"
Frank Eudy
Bronte D'Acquisto
4 "Gasping for Air"
Tiffany Rousso
Corey Brooks

Da'Vonne Rogers


  • Frank is the first houseguest to win two Roadkill Competitions.
    • He is also the only winner to not be evicted the week they won.
  • Tiffany is the only female to win the Roadkill Competition.
  • Bronte D'Acquisto is the only houseguest to get evicted the week she got nominated by the Roadkill winner.
  • Both men that got nominated by the Roadkill winner were saved by the Power of Veto.
  • The 8-Pack alliance won every Roadkill Competition except Week 2, which was won by Victor.
  • No Roadkill winner actually voted to evict the person they nominated; Frank did not vote to evict Bridgette or Bronte in weeks 1 and 3 (respectively), while Victor and Tiffany were both nominated by the HoH (and thus unable to vote) the same weeks that they won Roadkill.

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