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Patrick "Rico Swavey" Fakoya was a housemate on Big Brother Nigeria 3.


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Even if he had a million dollars Rico Swavey would be in the House “just to catch the waves”. He said he exploded of joy when he got his first big acting gig, and shared that he was a lion at heart, a protector who likes to stand up for the oppressed. When Rico Swavey is not busy charming ladies, he enjoys swimming and singing. Rico’s parents and seven siblings are happy and supportive. [1]

Player History - Big Brother Nigeria 3[]

Competition/Task History[]

Week 1 HOH Loss
Weekly Task Loss
Daily Task No Result
Payporte Games Loss
Week 2 HOH Loss
Weekly Task
Payporte Games

Shopping Budget History[]

Week 1 Basic Rations

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Miracle Igbokwe & Nina Ivy
Princess Linda Onyejekwe & Bitto Bryan
3 Miracle Igbokwe & Nina Ivy
Anto Lecky & Lolu Adetokunbo
4 Angel Awotarigha & Ahneeka Onyii
Teddy A Badman & Nina Ivy
Anto Lecky & Miracle Igbokwe
Cee-C Nwadiora & Lolu Adetokunbo
Ifu Ennada Uloma & Leo Babarinde Dasilva
5 Cee-C Nwadiora & Lolu Adetokunbo
Leo Babarinde Dasilva & Ifu Ennada Uloma
Alex Asagwa & Tobi Bakre
Anto Lecky & Miracle Igbokwe
Ifu Ennada Uloma & Leo Babarinde Dasilva
6 Miracle Igbokwe & Anto Lecky
Leo Babarinde Dasilva & Ifu Ennada Uloma
7 Cee-C Nwadiora
Miracle Igbokwe
Miracle Igbokwe
8 Lolu Adetokunbo
Bambam Olawunmi
Lolu Adetokunbo
Nina Ivy
Teddy A Badman
9 Cee-C Nwadiora
Teddy A Badman
10 Cee-C Nwadiora
Lolu Adetokunbo
Alex Asagwa
Anto Lecky

Post Big Brother[]

  • On October 13, 2022 Rico Swavey passed away at age 29 following complications from a car accident.[2]


  • Rico is the first Nigerian contestant to pass away after competing.


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