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This article is about a singular returning competition. For the variant of the format, check out the Battle Back Competition.

Re-Entry Competition is a challenge for houseguests evicted to re-enter the house and compete again. This competition was held nine times in Big Brother (US), four times in Pinoy Big Brother, and twice in Big Brother Canada.

In the US, a variant of the competition was introduced during the pre-jury phase called Battle Back Competition.


List of Re-Entry Competitions[]

United States[]

Season Week Name Variant Winner
13 6 "That's How We Roll"
Brendon Villegas
15 9 "Off the Wall"
Judd Daugherty
16 9 "Comeback Fight"
Nicole Franzel
17 10 "Dizzyland"
John McGuire
18 10 "Welcome to Loch Mess"
Victor Arroyo
19 4 "Maze Race"
Cody Nickson
20 10 "Big Top Drop"
Scottie Salton
21 4 "Path to Redemption"
Cliff Hogg III
25 8 "Do or Die"
Cameron Hardin



Season Week Name Variant Winner
3 5 "On the Edge"
Sindy Nguyen
9 8 "Heads Will Roll"
Tera Gillen-Petrozzi

Celebrity (Quebec)[]

Season Week Name Variant Winner
1 11 "Water Rescue"
Camille Felton
3 4 "Mini Cans"
Martin Larocque
4 7 "Lose the Card"
Jean Airoldi
10 "Ensure Your Back"
Charles Hamelin


Season Week Name Variant Winner
1 8 "The Big Switch"
via Public Vote
Jenny Suico
2 12 "Balikbahay
(eng. Homecoming)"
via Public Vote
Kian Kazemi
Wendy Valdez
7 25 "4th Lucky Star"
Elisse Joson
"4th Lucky Sun"
Yong Muhajil
"4th Lucky House"
Cora Waddell
10 31 "Comeback Challenge - Part 1"
(Celebrities vs. Adults vs. Teens)
Michael Ver Comaling
Zach Guerrero
"Comeback Challenge - Part 2"
Stephanie Jordan
"Comeback Challenge - Part 3"
Brenda Mage


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