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Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 1
Members Alec Beall
Emmett Blois
Peter Brown
Tom Plant
Defectors Alec Beall
Peter Brown
Votes Against 9
HoH Wins 1
Veto Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Tom Plant (12/15)
Highest Placing Member Emmett Blois (3/15)

Quattro was an alliance on Big Brother Canada 1.


Alec Beall
Emmett Blois
Peter Brown
Tom Plant


After Tom and Emmett became the first nominees of Suzette Amaya's instant nomination, they formed an alliance. Tom won the first Power of Veto and Kat Yee ended up being the replacement nominee and went home. Tom and Emmett alligned with The Sheyld members Alec and Peter.

The Showmances[]

Emmett and Jillian MacLaughlin became close after her first HOH and formed a relationship. Tom also formed a showmance with Liza Stinton, but his number one ally was Emmett, although Emmett's allegiances were in question. Peter was also in a secret showmance with Liza, and it was clear that she was playing both of them, as Peter secretly wanted Tom gone. Liza was playing both Tom and Peter in the palm of her hand and because of this, the Quattro alliance was divided, and Peter pushed for Tom to go home. Alec and Topaz Brady were in a showmnce as well.

Tom's HOH[]

In Week 3, Tom became Head of Household and nominated Suzette and Gary Levy, but wanted to send Suzette home. He won the power of veto and saved Gary, and put up AJ Burman in his place in an attempt to ensure Suzette's eviction. When Canada ended up saving Suzette, he was forced to put up Aneal Ramkissoon and he was sent home. However, throughout the week everyone in the house, including his own alliance, was tired of his behavior and how he took everything personally.

Tom's Eviction[]

In Week 4, Gary became the Head of Houehold and nominated Tom and Liza, and the plan was to send Tom home. Fellow Quattro members Alec and Peter formed an alliance with Gary and Topaz that week called The Fourgy Alliance, although it was short-lived. When Tom's ally Alec won the Power of Veto, Tom expected him to use it to save him, but Gary warned Alec that he was going to put up Peter as his replacement if Alec used the Veto, so Alec decided not to, which sent Tom home. After this, the Quattro alliance disbanded, as Emmett joined forces with Jillian, Andrew Monaghan, and Talla Rajaei called the East Coast Alliance and were pinned against the Southern Border which consisted of Alec, Topaz, and Peter, resulting in all three of them being evicted in 8th, 7th, and 6th place.


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