Promi Big Brother 7 is the upcoming seventh season of Promi Big Brother.





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Duel Arena History

Each episode one or more duels will take place. Big Brother or the public via phone voting will select housemates from both the rich and poor areas to participate in a duel. The winner of the duel will move into the rich area and the loser will move into the poor area. If a tie occurs in a duel, no house switch will occur. Template:Promi7 Duel Arena

House History

Table reflects the inhabitants in each house at the end of each episode. Housemates may move houses multiple times per episode depending on the results of duels, house votes, and public votes. Template:Promi7 House History

House Moving

Template:Promi7 House Move

Nominations History

Template:Promi7 Nominations History

Game History



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