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The Power of Veto is a power that was first introduced in Big Brother 3 (US) before being adapted by other franchises.

United States & Canada

The Power of Veto allows the owner to remove one of the Nominations from the Nomination Block. The Power of Veto also guarantees the holder safety should one of the nominees be removed, unless they are the only possible replacement nominee. The Head of Household chooses a new nomination.

The Power of Veto is won weekly in a competition. In the US, six houseguests compete for the Power of Veto: the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three other houseguests chosen by the three guaranteed players (until Big Brother 7 (US)) or a random draw. In every Canadian season since Big Brother Canada 7, the HOH is ineligible to compete in the Power of Veto until there are five players remaining. Powers of Veto may be won under rare occurrences besides competitions, such as as a prize to come from Pandora's Box.

The Powers of Veto

Silver Power of Veto

Sliver POV

The Silver Power of Veto

The Silver Power of Veto, used in Big Brother 3 (US), allowed the winner to remove one nominee off the Nomination Block if they so desired. However, the winner of the Silver Power of Veto could not remove him or herself off the Nomination Block. If the Veto were used, the HOH would select the replacement nominee.

Golden Power of Veto

Golden POV

The Golden Power of Veto

The Golden Power of Veto was the final Veto introduced at the end of Big Brother 3 (US) and has been used in every succeeding season. The Golden Power of Veto allowed the winner to remove one nominee off the Nomination Block if they so desired, including themselves. If the Veto were used, the HOH would select the replacement nominee.

Diamond Power of Veto

Diamond POV

The Diamond Power of Veto

The Diamond Power of Veto was introduced as the final Veto of Big Brother 4 (US) and was essentially identical to the Golden Power of Veto. Only if the winner chooses to use it, they will name the replacement nominee rather than the Head of Household. It was used by Alison Irwin to save herself from the threat of eviction. Erika Landin was the only possible replacement as Jun Song was already up on Nomination Block and Robert Roman was the HOH.

The Diamond Power of Veto was reintroduced in Big Brother 12 (US) and awarded to Matt Hoffman as a gift from Pandora's Box. A week later, when he was up for eviction, he used it on himself and nominated Kathy Hillis as the replacement.

It was a choice for America's Care Package during Week 3 of Big Brother: Over The Top, along with the Double Power of Veto and the Boomerang Power of Veto, but was not selected by Scott Dennis. It later appeared as an option for fans to choose in Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US) as part of the Pick-A-Veto twist on Day 20 alongside the Spotlight Power of Veto and the VIP Power of Veto. However, it was not selected by the audience.

After two unsuccessful attempts at revival, it once again appeared in Big Brother 21 (US). The prize for winning the Panic Whacktivity Competition in Week 3 was the ability to transform the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto, anonymously granting it to whoever won that week's Power of Veto Competition, to be used at one of the following four Veto Meetings. It was won by Christie Murphy, but after nearly using it in Week 4, she chose not to. In Week 6, the final week she could have activated it, HOH Jessica Milagros also won the Power of Veto, rendering the power moot, so Christie allowed it to expire.

In Big Brother Canada 12, the Executive Power of Veto was introduced. Functionally, it was nearly identical to the Diamond Veto, with the one exception being that whoever was saved by the Veto would choose the replacement nominee, instead of the Veto Holder themselves, assuming they're not the same person. Victoria Woghiren was granted the Executive Veto following a Chain of Rejection, and chose to use it on Todd Clements. Todd then chose to nominate Vivek Sabbarwal as his replacement nominee.

Other Types of Veto

The Power of Veto Contestant Selection

When the Power of Veto was first introduced in Big Brother 3, every houseguest was eligible to compete. Starting in Big Brother 5 (US), the Head of Household and the two nominees each got to select one player of their choosing to compete alongside them in the Power of Veto competition. The Head of Household selects the first player. Since Big Brother 7 (US), the HOH and the two nominees still compete, but rather than selecting their own players, each would reach into a bag filled with ping pong balls or small discs (depending on the season) with a houseguest's name or the words "Houseguest's Choice", where the player who draws the ball or disc gets to choose the additional player. Since Big Brother 15 (US), many recurring twists would lead to three nominees instead of two, and in seasons that featured those twists, the HOH drew two names to determine the six Veto competition players. The six houseguests later play in a competition to determine the winner of the Power of Veto. Since Big Brother Canada 7, the HOH is not eligible to compete until Final 5, but they still draw a chip for one of the competitors. Additionally, the HOH does not compete for the POV in Canadian format of the Triple Eviction.

Big Brother 7 (US), a punishment in the Grave Mistakes competition led to someone having to sit out of the following POV competition even if they were HOH, meaning that next week's competition only ran with five players. The Big Brother 9 (US) Soulmates twist had four pairs playing in the POV, eight individual players total, with the fourth pair being chosen by random draw as normal alongside the HOH pair and the two pairs of nominees. In Big Brother 12 (US) and Big Brother 13 (US), a prize won in the Yankee Swap competition was a "Veto Ticket", allowing for the winner of that prize to be guaranteed a spot in the following POV competition if they were not HOH or a nominee, allowing for seven players that next week. In Big Brother 24 (US), due to the Festie Bestie twist allowing for houseguests to play the game in duos or trios, it was possible that POV competitions could hold up to eight players, depending on if a trio would be playing in the POV or not.

In Season 7 of Big Brother Canada the HOH was allowed to pick a player at random but was not allowed to compete in the HOH competition this has continued to present day Big Brother Canada.

The Power of Veto Meeting

The winner of the Power of Veto is called to the Diary Room, where they are briefed on the procedures of the Power of Veto meeting. The Veto holder then proceeds to the Memory Wall, retrieves the Veto, and studies the portraits of all the remaining houseguests as they finalize their decision. The Veto holder then calls in the remaining houseguests who await the meeting in the backyard. The houseguests take their respective seats, either on the couches or on the Nomination Block. The Veto holder begins the meeting by explaining what powers the Veto holds and then asks the nominees to make a final plea, if they so desire, to try and convince the Veto holder to use the Veto on them. Once the nominees have made their speeches, the Veto holder makes their decision. If the holder chooses to use the Veto, they place the Veto around the neck of the nominee they have chosen to save. At this point, the Veto holder takes a seat, and the Head of Household stands and chooses a replacement nominee. In seasons that feature an anonymous power winner who named a third nominee directly, if that nominee came off the block, that winner would secretly nominate the replacement. In seasons where a twist or a competition leads to the third nominee, there would be no replacement nominee if they were saved, leaving only the HOH's two nominees on the block come eviction night. If the Veto is not used, the holder places it in a box on the coffee table. After all the decisions are made, the Veto holder adjourns the meeting by closing the box shut.

If more then one veto has been won by houseguests (usually via twists), the first veto holder make a decision. If the first veto holder uses the veto on the one of the nominees, the HOH must make a replacement before the second veto holder makes their decision. Afterwards, the second veto holder makes their decision. They can veto either remaining the initial nominee or the replacement nominee made after first veto, or they could choose not to use their veto.

United Kingdom

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In Big Brother 19 (UK) it was known as the Gamechanger Competition. Six people would participate including the nominees and the housemate with the most 'Big Coins'. The leading Big Coin housemate would also pick more housemates to participate to make up the numbers to six if necessary. The winner of the Gamechanger Task wins the ability to save any of the nominees from eviction, although they can opt not to use it if they so wish.


It was first introduced in a twist featured in the first week of Big Brother Brazil 18, similarly to the American and Canadian versions of the game and to replace the Power of Immunity competition from previous seasons, the Power of Veto allows it’s holder to veto one of the nominees. However, there are differences such as:

  • The Power of Veto competition is played before the nominations are made.
  • The veto holder is not allowed to veto any nominees nominated prior to the nomination ceremony (such as nominated by a twist).
  • The HOH is not allowed to play in this competition.

Since the Big Brother Brazil 20, it's known as the Back-And-Forth. In some weeks, the nominated housemates compete against each other for one last chance to save themselves from eviction. The housemates nominated by the HoH are not eligible to compete and are guaranteed to face Brazil's vote.


During week 6 of Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, the Power of Veto was introduced as a power given to the Heads of Household Alyssa Exala and Chico Alicaya. Alyssa saved Andrea Abaya while Chico saved Jie-Ann Armero from the block.

The twist returned on the following week (week 7) with a modified version on its usage. As the winners from the previous week's competition, Team Dreamer Connect, which were composed of Amanda Zamora, Andrea Abaya, Chico Alicaya, Ella Cayabyab, Jie-Ann Armero, Kobie Brown and Quincy Villanueva, earned the PoV to vote and save one of that week's nominees (Liofer Pinatacan, Gail Banawis, Ralph Malibunas and Kyron Aguilera). Ella voted to save Gail and Andrea voted to save Ralph while the rest of the group voted to save Liofer, effectively removing Liofer from the list of nominees.

Unlike its North American counterparts, there were no replacement nominees named after the PoV was used. The Power of Veto proved to be highly unpopular and controversial among the viewers, with PBB being called "unfair" and "biased".

This twist did not return after week 7 and the following season, Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10.

List of Power of Veto Competitions

For a complete list of POV competitions in the US and Canada, check it out here.


# Houseguest Season Wins
1 US Flag Jag Bains Big Brother 25 (US) 7
2 US Flag Michael Bruner Big Brother 24 (US) 6
3 US Flag Janelle Pierzina Big Brother 7 (US) 5
US Flag Daniele Briones Big Brother 8 (US)
US Flag Paul Abrahamian Big Brother 19 (US)
US Flag Kaycee Clark Big Brother 20 (US)
Canada Flag Ty McDonald Big Brother Canada 11
4 US Flag James Rhine Big Brother 6 (US) 4
Canada Flag Éric Cormier Big Brother Quebec 1
US Flag Shane Meaney Big Brother 14 (US)
US Flag John McGuire Big Brother 17 (US)
Canada Flag Nick & Phil Paquette Big Brother Canada 4
Canada Flag Kevin Martin Big Brother Canada 5
Canada Flag Adam Pike Big Brother Canada 7
US Flag Jackson Michie Big Brother 21 (US)
US Flag Cody Calafiore Big Brother 22 (US)
Greece Flag Angelita Pieridi Big Brother Greece 7
US Flag Brittany Hoopes Big Brother 24 (US)
5 US Flag James Zinkand Big Brother 9 (US) 3
US Flag Memphis Garrett Big Brother 10 (US)
US Flag Michele Noonan Big Brother 11 (US)
US Flag Brendon Villegas Big Brother 12 (US)
US Flag Britney Haynes Big Brother 12 (US)
US Flag Frank Eudy Big Brother 14 (US)
Canada Flag Emmett Blois Big Brother Canada 1
US Flag McCrae Olson Big Brother 15 (US)
Canada Flag Jon Pardy Big Brother Canada 2
US Flag Cody Calafiore Big Brother 16 (US)
US Flag Donny Thompson Big Brother 16 (US)
US Flag Frankie Grande Big Brother 16 (US)
Canada Flag Ashleigh Wood Big Brother Canada 3
US Flag Vanessa Rousso Big Brother 17 (US)
US Flag Paulie Calafiore Big Brother 18 (US)
US Flag Paul Abrahamian Big Brother 18 (US)
US Flag Jason Roy Big Brother: Over The Top
Canada Flag William Laprise Desbiens Big Brother Canada 5
US Flag Jason Dent Big Brother 19 (US)
US Flag Ross Mathews Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US)
Canada Flag Johnny Mulder Big Brother Canada 6
Canada Flag Kaela Grant Big Brother Canada 6
US Flag Tyler Crispen Big Brother 20 (US)
Greece Flag Dimitris Kechagias Big Brother Greece 6
Greece Flag Zak Ioannidis Big Brother Greece 6
Canada Flag Camille Felton Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 1
Canada Flag François Lambert Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 1
Canada Flag Rohan Kapoor Big Brother Canada 9
US Flag Xavier Prather Big Brother 23 (US)
US Flag Kyland Young Big Brother 23 (US)
Greece Flag Evdokia Tsagkli Big Brother Greece 7
Greece Flag Samantha Misovic Big Brother Greece 7
Greece Flag Maria Alexoglou Big Brother Greece 7
Canada Flag Stéphanie Harvey Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 2
Canada Flag Jacey-Lynne Graham Big Brother Canada 10


United States & Canada

  • The first ever Power of Veto winner in Big Brother history was Gerry Lancaster.
    • Gerry also became the first houseguest to use the POV, while Danielle Reyes (first female to win the PoV) is the first PoV winner not to use it. 
  • Jason Guy is the first male to win HOH and POV in the same week; Adria Klein is the first female to win HOH and POV in the same week.
  • Marcellas Reynolds won the first ever Golden Power of Veto and the first person to not use it.
    • Marcellas is the first person to win the PoV while nominated and not use it on himself. He would be followed by Dick Donato, Daniele Donato, Brendon Villegas, Matthew Clines, and Jedson Tavernier. Marcellas is the only one to not use it at all, as the others all used it on another nominee.
      • Marcellas, Brendon, and Jedson were voted out after not using the PoV on themselves.
    • Dana Varela is the first female to win the Golden Power of Veto.
  • Big Brother 3, Big Brother 15, Big Brother 22, Big Brother Canada 2 and Big Brother Canada 7 are currently the only seasons not to feature one houseguest winning the POV twice in a row.
    • Robert Roman was the first person to win the POV twice in a row. Alison Irwin was the first female to win the POV twice in a row.
  • Nathan Marlow was the first person to use the Golden Power of Veto. Alison was the first female to use the Golden Power of Veto.
  • Alison is the first female houseguest to veto herself; Jase Wirey is the first male houseguest to veto himself.
    • Alison also won the first ever Diamond Power of Veto.
  • Matt Hoffman was the first houseguest to win a Power of Veto through Pandora's Box, having been awarded the Diamond Power of Veto during his second reign as HOH.
    • He is also the first male to hold the Diamond Power of Veto.
  • The most consecutive Power of Veto wins is 4, which is held by Ty McDonald from Big Brother Canada 11.
  • The record for the most Power of Veto wins in a single season is 7, held by Jag Bains (Big Brother 25).
  • Paul Abrahamian has won the most Power of Veto competitions in total, with 8 wins over two seasons. Janelle Pierzina has won the most POV competitions in total for a female, with 7 POVs over two seasons (she won no POVs in her third or fourth seasons).
  • Kaycee Clark and Ty McDonald hold the record for most Veto competition wins by a winner with 5. Kevin Martin, Jackson Michie, and Cody Calafiore are tied for second with 4, and Jon Pardy and Nick Paquette are tied for third with 3.
    • If Nick & Phil Paquette's wins are counted as one, then they also tie with Kevin for second most Vetos won as a winner with 4 wins.
    • Up until Big Brother 20, no one in BBUS has won the game with more than 2 POVs.
  • Eight American houseguests have completed a "Trifecta Veto", which is when a houseguest wins the veto in all three eligible ways (as HOH, as a nominee, and as a person picked to play).
  • Four Canadian houseguests have completed a "Trifecta Veto", which is when a houseguest wins the veto in all three eligible ways (as HOH, as a nominee, and as a person picked to play).
  • Six American houseguests have won the first two Veto competitions of the season.
  • One Canadian houseguest has won the first two veto competitions of a season.
  • In the civilian seasons of Big Brother, houseguests who have gone on to win the Week 2 POV have never gone on to win the game.
  • Jag Bains is the first person who won HOH and POV in the same week and used it on one of their own nominations to win the game.
  • In the American version up until Big Brother 20, HouseGuests who won 2 PoV's in a row have never won the game.
  • Derrick Levasseur, Jillian MacLaughlin, Paras Atashnak, Jean-Thomas Jobin, and Taylor Hale are the only winners never to win a Power of Veto competition and go on to win the game while the POV existed.
  • Week 7 of Big Brother 14, Week 7 in Big Brother 24, Week 11 in Big Brother 25, as well as a 2 week period in Big Brother Canada 2 (which included a double eviction), mark the only times in Big Brother history when two houseguests have held Golden Powers of Veto that were not won in the same competition.
    • In Big Brother 14, Ian Terry received the Golden Ball of Veto due to a Pandora's Box Twist, while Jenn Arroyo won the Golden Power of Veto in the POV competition.
    • In Big Brother 24, the Split House twists saw two separate rounds of the game happen at the same time. Two separate POV competitions were played, with Brittany Hoopes winning the Big BroChella POV and Terrance Higgins winning the Dyre Fest POV. However, the POV could only be used on their half of the house (i.e., Brittany could not use her POV to remove one of Dyre Fest nominees).
    • In Big Brother 25 as part of the Comic Week twist, all eight houseguests competed in that week's POV competition, which was won by Jag Bains. Jag was then given the opportunity to compete in a Luxury competition, while the remaining seven houseguests placed bets as to how long he would last. Blue Kim came the closest, giving her a second POV for the week.
    • In Big Brother Canada 2, Allison White found the Secret Power of Veto in the War Room, while the current houseguests won the Golden Power of Veto in the weekly POV competition. Allison held her secret Veto for two weeks and three POV competitions (she held the power during a double eviction).
    • In Big Brother 12, Matt Hoffman and Ragan Fox both held Vetos not won in the same competition. However, both were not Golden Powers of Vetos with Matt possessing the Diamond Power of Veto via Pandora's Box.
    • In Big Brother Canada 5, William Laprise Desbiens won the Black Hole Power of Veto through a task, allowing him to anonymously remove one of the nominations. He held this secret veto for two weeks, but he also won the regular veto during the second week, during which he did not use the regular veto but DID use the secret veto.
  • Brendon Villegas is the only houseguest to win the first Power of Veto competition twice.
  • Paul Abrahamian and Cody Calafiore are the only houseguests to win the Final Power of Veto competition twice.
  • Big Brother Canada 11 is the only season since the introduction of the Power of Veto competition in which no one won Head of Household and the Power of Veto within the same week.
  • Since Big Brother 21 (US), the same houseguest (Sam Smith (in BB21), Derek Xiao (in BB23), Michael Bruner (in BB24), and Hisam Goueli (in BB25)) won the first two POV competitions in every season excluding Big Brother 22 (US).



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