Pinoy Big Brother, more popularly known by its abbreviated title PBB is the Philippine version of Big Brother. The word Pinoy in the title is a colloquial term used to describe the Filipino people. The show first aired on August 21, 2005 on ABS-CBN and its international channel TFC in various countries world wide. 

The series resulted a huge impact on the history of Philippine reality television, cementing its reputation as the most successful and longest running reality show in the Philippines, with a number of housemates being public figures after their stay inside the house.  

Among the factors for its success is its family-friendly nature as well as the housemates' character development journey and learning various educational life lessons given by Big Brother to all of his housemates that related to many Filipino viewers worldwide.

According to Endemol's via ABS-CBN News, Pinoy Big Brother is the largest and most successful Big Brother franchise throughout Asia and the Pacific, gathering millions of viewers and followers every season.

The tagline for the series is "Show the Real You" while the show is dubbed as the "Real Life Soap Opera".

How it works

PBB Original Logo

Original Pinoy Big Brother logo used from 2005 - 2009

Pinoy Big Brother logo (2011)

Official Logo from 2010-2015

Big Brother is a reality television show in which a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras. Each series lasts for around three months, and there are usually fewer than 15 participants. The housemates try to win a cash prize by avoiding periodic evictions from the house.

Philippine Series

The Making of Pinoy Big Brother 10th Anniversary

The Making of Pinoy Big Brother 10th Anniversary

The mini-documentary intro shown during the launch night of Pinoy Big Brother: 737 celebrating the 10 successful years of the series.

The Philippine version follows the premise of the original format like many foreign counterparts where in a number of Filipinos will volunteer to live in one house for a certain number of days.

The elimination process in the show is the same among many foreign counterparts which is the reverse of the original Dutch format. At the start of the elimination process, the "housemates" (as the contestants are referred to) vote for which fellow housemates they should eliminate; 2 points will be given to one housemate while 1 point to the other one. Who ever have the highest points will be nominated. Once these nominations are chosen, the viewer votes come into play.

For a week, viewers are asked to vote, via SMS for whoever they wanted to stay longer in the house. The housemate with the least viewer votes is eliminated. In the final week, the one with the most viewer votes will win the grand prize package, usually includes house and lot, a car, a business franchise, home appliances, and a holiday, and is given the title the Big Winner.[1]

Other essential elements of the Big Brother franchise are present, such as weekly and daily challenges, the confession room, and the voice known only as "Big Brother," sometimes referred to as "Kuya" (a Tagalog kinship term for an elder male sibling).


The housemates are chosen via auditions held in different parts of the country and also to different parts of the world where a large population of Filipinos can be found such as California, London and Tokyo etc.

The application is open to all as long as the person either holds a Filipino citizenship regarless of race and ancestry or sometimes just resides/resided in the Philippines or simply just people who have Filipino ancestry no matter where they live in the world.


Twists play a huge part on Pinoy Big Brother as it either change the play out of the season. In every season, multiple twists may be applied depending on the concept of the season's main twists.

Some notable season twists were double houses, rich and poor houses, face to face nominations, mass evictions, fake evictions, housemates entering the house in the middle of the season's duration, all types of housemates living inside one house, show's hosts becoming houseguests and many more.

Character Development

One of the most looked forward element in the series are the housemates' character development throughout their journey inside the Big Brother house. Making the housemates have a life-changing experience once they enter and leave the Pinoy Big Brother House.


The show has its own permanent timeslot. Pinoy Big Brother is being aired 7 days a week, around 10:00PM PHT on ABS-CBN's primetime block. Nomination Nights are held every Sunday Night, Highlights episodes are aired every weeknights from Mondays to Fridays while Eviction Nights are held at every end of the week on Saturday evenings.

It's companion shows are aired every weekdays. From 2007 - 2010 Pinoy Big Brother Über airs at 4:30PM on ABS-CBN's afternoon block. It was replaced by Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited's Unliday which focuses on the Industrial House highlights. Since 2014, the daytime companion show was replaced by Pinoy Big Brother Gold aired every 5:00PM PHT on ABS-CBN's afternoon block named Kapamilya Gold. It airs the recap of last night's episode.

Pinoy Big Brother: Uplate is aired every midnight of the week until the show ended in 2010.

Pinoy Big Brother Online airs at 7:00 PM every Mondays to Fridays.

The 24-hour live feeds are shown everyday and can be seen via subscription on ABS-CBN website. The livesteaming used to be aired for free, however in Pinoy Big Brother: 737 it was shut down temporarily and re-aired with subscription fees due to malicious and indecent posts online made by some viewers regarding the housemates.[2]

The Big Brother House

For more information about the house interiors, check out the page Big Brother House/Philippines.

Pinoy Big Brother House facade

The facade of the Pinoy Big Brother House in front of ABS-CBN studios in South Triangle, Quezon City.

The iconic Big Brother house, also called The Yellow House plays a huge part on the show and became one of the trademarks of the entire Pinoy Big Brother franchise aside from the show's logo.

It is located in front of ABS-CBN main building in South Triangle, Quezon City. The house can be seen via street view in Google Maps.

The house's set-up is that of a bungalow, even though the facade is obviously designed as a two-storey house. In reality, the house is actually a large, fully air-conditioned studio with facade made to look like an ideal middle-class house. The second floor houses a state-of-the-art master control room and several amenities designed for the program's production crew and dressing rooms for the guests and hosts. The leftmost part of the entire facade was designed for another reality show franchise called Pinoy Dream Academy until 2011, when it was entirely replaced as an extended facade in favor of Big Brother.

The interior of the studio is designed to look like a real house with themes and interior design changing for every season of the show. The studio is also designed to capture every "housemate's" activities with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and microphones. The house is surrounded by walls with two-way mirrors to allow cameramen to directly shoot from behind of the mirrors. The studio has backlots that is utilized for several purposes depending on the season's theme.

Currently, the backlots are utilized as activity area, swimming pool area, and multi-purpose hall. Previously, it was also used for a garden, a resort, a concert hall for Pinoy Dream Academy, an eviction hall, and even a slum. The multi-purpose hall in particular is used by the ABS-CBN Foundation as a relief goods storage facility during calamities.

Seasons and Editions

Pinoy Big Brother Seasons
Season Premiere Date Finale Date Days Housemates Winner Runner-Up
PBB1 Logo
Pinoy Big Brother 1
August 21, 2005 December 10, 2005 112 13 Nene Tamayo Jason Gainza
PBB-Celebrity Edition 1 Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 1
February 5, 2006 April 1, 2006 56 14 Keanna Reeves John Prats
PBB Teen Edition 1 Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1
April 23, 2006 June 3, 2006 42 14 Kim Chiu Mikee Lee
Pinoy Big Brother 2
February 25, 2007 June 30, 2007 126 18 Beatriz Saw Mickey Perz
PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2
October 14, 2007 January 5, 2008 84 16 Ruben Gonzaga Riza Santos
PBBTeen Edition Plus logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus
March 23, 2008 June 7, 2008 77 14 Ejay Falcon Robi Domingo
PBB3-Double Up Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up
October 4, 2009 February 13, 2010 133 23 Melisa Cantiveros Paul Jake Castillo
PBB Teen Clash 2010
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010
April 10, 2010 June 26, 2010 78 27 James Reid Ryan Bang
PBB4-Unlimited Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited
October 29, 2011 March 31, 2012 155 37 Slater Young Pamu Pamorada
PBB-Teen Edition 4 Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4
April 8, 2012 July 7, 2012 91 14 Myrtle Sarrosa Karen Reyes
Pinoy Big Brother 5 logo
Pinoy Big Brother: All In
April 27, 2014 August 24, 2014 120 19 Daniel Matsunaga Maris Racal
Pinoy Big Brother: 737
June 20, 2015 November 8, 2015 142 26 Miho Nishida Tommy Esguerra
Jimboy Martin Ylona Garcia
PBB7 Official Logo
Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7
July 11, 2016 March 5, 2017 235 30 Maymay Entrata Kisses Delavin
PBB8 Logo - Version 1
Pinoy Big Brother 8
To Be Announced

Overall, Pinoy Big Brother had already produced 13 successful seasons with 4 regular/civilian seasons, 4 teen seasons, 2 celebrity seasons and 3 special seasons since it began airing on 2005.

The series has 4 types of editions, a teen edition, a celebrity edition, a regular adult edition and a special edition.

Civilian Editions

The Civilian Edition is the original regular season of Pinoy Big Brother, where chosen adults with different backgrounds live together in the house. The adults that are chosen for this edition are aged 19 up to 35 years old, hailing from various places all around the world, as long as they connect themselves with being Filipino.

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition

The adolescents chosen for this particular edition are aged 13 to 18 years old, are from different cities in the Philippines, sometimes even from certain overseas countries with sizable Filipino communities.

Other factors are disregarded; in-school and out-of-school youths, those with intact and broken families, and even teenage single parents may be eligible as long one passes the age requirement and has a background worth exploring during the edition's run. This edition is usually done in the Philippine "summer" months of late March to early June. During this time, temperatures in the country are at their highest and most students are out of school; a regular school year in the Philippines runs from June of one year to March of the next.

Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

The Celebrity edition follows the same premise of the Big Brother UK's Celebrity Big Brother where in Big Brother housed commercial models, actors and actresses, radio and TV show hosts, musicians, sports and fashion personalities, and even politicians in a certain number of days (the duration of this particular version of the show is lesser compared to the regular seasons).

Celebrity housemates, like many counterparts abroad, play for charity, aside from themselves. Prizes given away from edition to edition can vary, but basically, the cash prize an edition's winner can receive is the same as the prize for that winner's chosen charity organization, i.e. the winner and his/her charity each win the same amount.

Special Editions

Special Seasons are editions where in a different format is being applied to the show. Either, teens, celebrities and regular adults will live in the house or two editions will happen in one single season. It depends on the twists of Big Brother himself.

These special seasons are counted along with the Civilian Edition unlike the Celebrity and Teen Editions.

Hall of Big Winners

For more information, check out the Big Winner page.

As of 2017, Pinoy Big Brother had already produced 14 winners. 5 for adults, 3 celebrities and 6 teens.

 Season 1 
Nene Tamayo
 Celebrity Edition 1 
Keanna Reeves
 Teen Edition 1 
Kim Chiu
 Season 2 
Beatriz Saw
 Celebrity Edition 2 
Ruben Gonzaga
 Teen Edition Plus 
Ejay Falcon
 Double Up 
Melisa Cantiveros
 Teen Clash 2010 
James Reid
PBB4 Slater
Slater Young
 Teen Edition 4 
Myrtle Sarrosa
 All In 
Daniel Matsunaga
 737 (Teens) 
Jimboy Martin
 737 (Adults) 
Miho Nishida
 Lucky 7 
Maymay Entrata


Current Presenters

Timeline of stay as one of
the main host of Pinoy Big Brother
Host S1 C1 T1 S2 C2 T2 S3 T3 S4 T4 S5 S6 S7


  1. S denotes regular seasons; C denotes celebrity seasons; and T denotes teen seasons.
  2. Those highlighted in blue mean that the hosts return to the show on the Big Night and there were only 2 instances: Gonzaga on Teen Edition 1 and Rodriguez on 737.

Theme Songs

The series have produced three different theme songs specifically used on every type of edition aired.

Civilian Editions (Main OST)
Pinoy Ako (I'm a Filipino)
Celebrity Editions
Sikat ang Pinoy (Filipinos are Famous)
Teen Editions
Kabataang Pinoy (Filipino Youth)
Pinoy Ako - Orange And Lemons

Pinoy Ako - Orange And Lemons

Pinoy Ako's Original Music Video in 2005, featuring the Season 1 Housemates.

Sikat ang Pinoy - Yeng and Emman Version

Sikat ang Pinoy - Yeng and Emman Version

A version of Sikat ang Pinoy sung by Emman Abatayo and Yeng Constantino during the live launch of Celebrity Edition 2 in 2007

Kabataang Pinoy by Itchyworms

Kabataang Pinoy by Itchyworms

Kabataang Pinoy first performed by rock band Itchyworms on the live launch of Teen Edition 1

Civilian Seasons

The show also had its theme song called "Pinoy Ako" (English: I'm a Filipino) by Orange and Lemons. This song is also the basis for much of the background music used in the show.

In 2007, a rehashed version was used in Season 2 sung by the rock band Cebalo. In 2010, another version was used in Season 4, sung by the main host herself, Toni Gonzaga. It had some remixed elements.

The new version of "Pinoy Ako" by Reo Brothers was released on Season 5 (All in Season). However on the Season 6, which coincides the 10th Anniversary of the show, they reverted to the original song sung by Orange and Lemons.

Celebrity Seasons

Celebrity Editions also had it's own theme song entitled Sikat ang Pinoy (lit. Filipinos are Famous) by Season 1 contestant Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga which was used for its Celebrity Edition 1. However in 2007, just like the regular series, a rehashed version of Sikat ang Pinoy was also used for Celebrity Edition 2 sung by Pinoy Dream Academy contestants, Yeng Constantino and Emman Abatayo.

Teen Seasons

A different theme song was also used for its Teen seasons; Kabataang Pinoy (The Filipino Youth) of the Itchyworms.

It was the only song that wasn't rehashed and was used since Teen Edition 1 up to the present Teen Edition.

Social Media


  • Pinoy Big Brother is the longest running Big Brother series in the entire Asia-Pacific region.
  • The Philippines is the only country in Southeast Asia to successfully produce a Big Brother franchise.
  • Pinoy Big Brother is the only Big Brother franchise in the world to adapt a Teen Edition for Big Brother after Teen Big Brother: The Experiment was aired in United Kingdom in 2003.
    • The Teen Edition eventually turned out to be one of the most popular editions in Pinoy Big Brother.
  • The only Big Brother to create a full song as an official soundtrack with one full theme song for each editions.
  • Since its launch in 2005, Pinoy Big Brother already had over 200 housemates lived inside the house.
  • Out of 14 overall winners, only 6 of them are males.
  • Out of 14 overall winners, 8 of them are females, making the show dominated by women.
  • Out of 14 overall winners, 6 of them are from the Visayas Region, making the Visayas as the region with the most number of winners.
  • Out of 14 overall winners, 8 of them speaks Visayan as their first language.
  • All of the show's current presenters experienced living inside the house, with two being pranked by Big Brother while the other two being former housemates.
  • Pinoy Big Brother had some of the longest season durations worldwide. The longest being Pinoy Big Brother 7 which lasted for 235 days, landing as the third longest season in the whole Big Brother history.
  • Pinoy Big Brother had the second highest number of ejections in the history of Big Brother worldwide next to Germany.
  • It holds the youngest ever Big Brother housemate to enter worldwide, when Bailey May entered in Pinoy Big Brother: 737's Teen Edition at age 12.
  • Throughout the years since it first aired in 2005, 2013 is the only year where there was no any Pinoy Big Brother season aired.
    • It was the longest gap between a new season and its previous season, with Teen Edition 4 ending on July 7, 2012 while its succeeding season, All In premiered on April 27, 2014.


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