Pinky Swear Alliance
The Pinky Swear Alliance
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 5
Members Adria Klein
Diane Henry
Karen Ganci
Nakomis Dedmon
Will Wikle
Natalie Carroll
Defectors Adria Klein
Diane Henry
Votes Against 19
HoH Wins 5
Veto Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Will Wikle (9/14)
Highest Placing Member Diane Henry (3/14)

The Pink Swear Alliance was an alliance formed in Big Brother 5. The main members of the alliance were Adria Klein, Diane Henry, Karen Ganci, Nakomis Dedmon and Will Wikle.


The Pinky Swear Alliance was formed as an alliance to go against The Four Horsemen. The members of the alliance all did a pinky swear with one another, to show their allegiance to the alliance. The alliance mainly consisted of Adria Klein, Diane Henry, Karen Ganci, Nakomis Dedmon and Will Wikle. However, Lori Valenti and Natalie Carroll were also partly in the alliance.


In Week 6 of Big Brother 5, Adria Klein, a member of the alliance, won the title Head of Household. At this time, there were just three houseguests that were not part of the alliance remaining in the house. Adria chose to nominate Will Wikle, a member of The Pinky Swear alliance, thereby breaking her "pink swear". The members of the alliance were outraged by this and set their new target on the twins, Adria and Natalie, rather than the two remaining members of The Four Horsemen. After the twins were evicted, there were just three remaining members of The Pinky Swear alliance left in the house; Nakomis Dedmon, Karen Ganci and Diane Henry. After Nakomis won HOH in Week 9, Diane saw an opportunity to betray The Pinky Swear Alliance and align herself with her showmantic partner, Drew Daniel. After Drew and Michael helped her win, Diane won the POV, vetoed Drew and backdoored Karen. The next week, Nakomis was evicted from the house by Michael Ellis. At the final three, Diane was betrayed by her boyfriend Drew and was evicted.

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