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Philipp Kalisch was a finalist on Big Brother Germany 13.


Philipp Kalisch Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Sat. 1
"Since I grew up with five sisters, it is easy for me to always think for the world of women."
Philipp has been on the football field regularly in his free time since he was 15. He currently plays as "back defense". He grew up with five sisters.
Philipp is a little know-it-all. He is very neat and a positive person. He believes that negativity doesn't get you anywhere. His idealism also distinguishes him, because in his opinion "all people are unconditionally the same." He is not particularly vain, because a little face cream and brushing his teeth are enough for him.
Hospitality is important to him. It is normal for him to always have enough food and drink in the house. He eats his friends with his full refrigerator.
The Sunnyboy seeks the great adventure one last time before settling down. The 30-year-old wants to finally concentrate on family planning after "Big Brother". It takes a long time before he gives his heart to a woman, but he is never averse to flirting.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Germany 13

Match Arena

Week 1 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 2 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 4 Live Duel Loss
Week 5 Live Duel Win
Week 6 Live Duel Loss
Week 8 Live Duel Loss
Week 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 10 Live Duel Win
Week 12 Live Duel Win

House History

Week 1 Glass House
Glass House
Week 2 Glass House
Week 3 Glass House
Week 4 Glass House
Week 5 Block House
Week 6 Block House
Week 7 Block House
Week 8 Glass House
Week 9 Block House
Week 10 Glass House
Week 11 Glass House
Glass House
Week 12 House Phase Over
Week 13
Week 14

Budget History

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Luxury Budget
Week 3 Luxury Budget
Week 4 Basic Rations
Week 5 Luxury Budget
Week 6 Luxury Budget
Week 7 Basic Rations
Week 8 Luxury Budget
Week 9 Luxury Budget
Week 10 Luxury Budget
Week 11 Luxury Budget
Week 12 Luxury Budget
Week 13 Budget Phase Over
Week 14

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Cathleen Vogel Cathleen Vogel
No Nominations Nominated
4 Denny Heidrich Ineligible
Week Position Voted For With Majority?
5 René Carl Yes
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
7 Denny Heidrich
8 Romana Hoffmann
10 Cedric Beidinger
Denny Heidrich
Tim Heister
12 Tim Heister Ineligible
13 No Nominations Nominated
14 No Nominations Fifth Place


  1. Philipp (in German) (8 February 2020). Retrieved on 8 February 2020.


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