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Petra Maarit Olli is the winner of Julkkis Big Brother 2.


Petra Olli Biography

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Petra Olli is a former top-level wrestler with several championships and medals from both the World Championships and the European Championships. She ended her professional career in 2020. Olli is the only Finnish wrestler to reach first place in her series in the ranking list of the International Wrestling Federation. She has been involved in sports all his life and won, among other things, her age group in the Finnish javelin throwing championship at the age of 15. Petra Olli is dating Indrek Vassus from Estonia. Petra can't say why she wanted to leave BB's house. The everyday life of the house is very far from her own comfort zone. One reason for participating may be a return to closed camp life, Petra believes. The only difference is that the BB House has one unparalleled invisible authority. Petra says playfully that isolation from the outside world is not much different from normal life in Ostrobothnia. Petra is unyielding and is able, according to her words, not to eat and drink for many days without tightening the surface. What Petra fears most is that there will be a bad sniper in the BB house to whom she does not dare to tell about it.[1]

Player's History - Julkkis Big Brother 2[]

Competition History[]

Week 1 Immunity Loss
Immunity Ineligible
POV Loss
Immunity Ineligible
Week 2 Safety Loss
Immunity Ineligible
Team Advantage Win
Immunity Ineligible
Team Advantage Loss
Immunity Ineligible

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 No Nominations Nominated
2-Rosa Meriläinen
1-Sedu Koskinen
2-Sanna Ukkola
2 points
2-Sara Forsberg
1-Sanna Ukkola
No Nominations Nominated
2 No Nominations Nominated
2-Janne Porkka
1-Nina Mikkonen
2-Pinja Sanaksenaho
1-Nina Mikkonen
No Nominations Nominated
3 No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winner



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