People's Housemate is the main twist of Big Brother 18 (UK).


The People's Housemate will have frequent contact with the outside world and will use the information given to make decisions that will impact the house in the viewing public's favor.


On launch night, four candidates were selected by the producers to be potential housemates. At the end of the night, Tom Barber was selected over Andrew Cruickshanks, Simone Reed, and Sue Evans.[1]

As soon as Tom was in the house, he interacted with viewers via "Facebook Live" where the public gave Tom their first impressions.[2] He then had to divide up the house between exiles and citizens. He chose to exile Arthur Fulford, Chanelle McCleary, Charlotte Keys, Hannah Agboola, Lotan Carter, Raph Korine, Rebecca Jane, and Sukhvinder Javeed.

The next day, viewers sent in potential rules for the citizens to follow and as The People's Housemate, Tom had to decide which three to choose. They included:

  • Exiles must bow every time a Citizen enters the room
  • Exiles must make Citizens food and/or drinks if requested by a Citizen
  • Exiles must disclose a private conversation if asked by a Citizen

On Day 3, Tom led a task where the exiles had to perform tasks assigned to them by the viewing public. The housemates passed the task. Later that night, Tom was featured live on Big Brother's Bit on the Side where Rylan led a form with opinions and calls that could influence Tom's final decision of citizens and exiles.

The next day, Tom then made his final decision and replaced Charlotte with her mom, Mandy Longworth, and Hannah Agboola with Imran Javeed for the final nominations for the week.

During the Day 5 eviction, Tom had to decide who to evict between the two lowest housemates with the least amount of votes to save, Imran and Mandy. He chose to evict Mandy.

After the eviction on Bit On The Side, host Emma Willis announced that Tom's power as The People's Housemate would be over and that the tables would be turned on him on the next day.[3]

On Day 6, Tom took part in his final chat and unknown to him, the housemates were asking the questions and watching the live chat. After the chat, Big Brother announced that the twist was over.


  • Tom is the first housemate to communicate live from inside the house via internet and BOTS.


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