Paul Ryan Christopher "Paulie" Calafiore was a HouseGuest on Big Brother 18.

Coming into Big Brother 18 as the sibling of a former contestant, Paulie quickly aligned with the returning players. From the start, he was able to control the house, manipulate situations and eliminate many threats to his game. However, after a blowup with a few of the women in the house in week 7, he, along with his allies Corey, Nicole and Zakiyah became targets for a new power alliance. When the house successfully evicted Paulie's showmance partner, Zakiyah during the first half of the Double Eviction, Paulie was left devastated but safe when Corey won HoH and PoV in the second part. However, he was nominated the next week against Corey by Victor. When he or Corey did not win the Power of Veto, they remained on the block together and Paulie was later evicted by a 5-0 vote. He placed 8th and was the fourth member of the jury.


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Age: 27
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Current city: Howell, NJ
Occupation: DJ
Three adjectives that describe you: Driven, passionate, and quick-witted.
Favorite activities: I love various martial arts, exercise, and instruments. I like Krav Maga the most on the martial arts side and playing the guitar on the instrument side.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? Being away from my family and my business. I’ll definitely have to put a lot of faith in the fact that I have good people working for me to make sure the business continues to grow, especially during the crucial months of the summer.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Cody Calafiore from Season 16, for obvious reasons.
Do you have a strategy for winning the game? There are multiple strategies I’ll use, none of which have any meaning prior to entering the house and seeing what pieces I’ll be playing chess with.
My life's motto is... A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there.
What would you take into the house, and why? A toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash because it would be impossible to be social at all with rancid breath.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 18

Competition History

Week 1 Immunity Loss
HTR Part 1 Win
HTR Part 2 Ineligible
HTR Part 3/HOH Ineligible
Roadkill Loss
POV Loss
Week 2 HOH Win
Roadkill Loss
Week 3 HOH Previous HOH
Roadkill Loss
POV Loss
Week 4 HOH Win
Roadkill Loss
POV Loss
Week 5 HOH Previous HOH
POV Not Picked
Week 6 HOH Loss
Week 7 HOH Loss
HOH Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 8 HOH Loss
POV Loss
Week 9 Luxury Win
Luxury Win*
Have/Have-Not Unknown
HOH Advantage
Week 10 Re-Entry/HOH Loss

Note: Paulie actually won the second luxury on Week 9. The reason why Victor was falsely given the luxury was because the "Big Brother County Fair" occurred when Paulie was still in the house. However, the episode aired after Paulie's eviction, so the producers edited Paulie out of the episode completely.

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Have
Week 2 Have
Week 3 Have
Week 4 Have
Week 5 Have
Week 6 Have-Not
Week 7 Have
Week 8 Have

Carepackage History

Week 1 Twist Not Active
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6 Loss
Week 7 Loss
Week 8 Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 HTR Winner Ineligible
3 Team Immunity Tiffany Rousso No
5 Frank Eudy Yes
6 Used POV on Self Da'Vonne Rogers Yes
7 POV Holder Michelle Meyer No
Bridgette Dunning Yes
8 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Nicole Franzel Yes

HOH History

Original Nominees Post-Veto Nominees Intended Target
Week 2
Tiffany Rousso
Victor Arroyo
Tiffany Rousso
Week 4
Corey Brooks
Tiffany Rousso
Da'Vonne Rogers

Post Big Brother

  • After Big Brother 18's conclusion Paulie was in a relationship with fellow houseguest Zakiyah Everette. However, they broke up prior to February 2017.
  • From January 2018, Paulie has been in a relationship with Bachelor in Paradise contestant Danielle Maltby.[2] However, they broke up once filming for The Challenge: Final Reckoning ended.
    • He has since been dating fellow competitor Cara Maria Sorbello.[3] The two broke up after filming The Challenge: War of the Worlds due to cheating scandals involving Danielle.[4] However, after Paulie's vows to win her back, it was rumored that they have reconciled, with the couple later confirming their reunion during the War of the Worlds reunion show.[5]
  • Paulie appeared during the Big Brother 22 (US) finale, supporting his brother Cody Calafiore in the end.
  • Paulie announced that he was recommended to try out for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team by Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US) contestant, and fellow Challenger, Lolo Jones.[6]


Paulie's Cast Photo for The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

  • Paulie appeared as one of the singles on the first United States season of MTV's Ex on the Beach[7]. His only ex was Lexi Marsella[8], and they rekindled their romance during the show, only to break up again soon after filming was over.
  • Paulie competed on The Challenge: Final Reckoning[9] alongside Natalie, Jozea, Da'Vonne, and Big Brother 18 (UK) contestant Kayleigh Morris. He was partnered up with Natalie as his Vendetta. They were eliminated and sent to the Redemption House in Episode 3. After losing to Da'Vonne & Jozea in Redemption challenges twice, they finally won their way back into the main game in Episode 15. Paulie & Natalie ended up making it to the Final Challenge where they placed third out of the final four teams.
  • Paulie and Cara Maria appeared as a couple on the 8th episode of How Far is Tattoo Far?. Cara Maria gave Paulie a tattoo of herself from The Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty[10], while he gave her a tattoo of a crow from Game of Thrones with a heart, along with the coordinates of Hermanus, South Africa, where Final Reckoning took place, and where they met[11].
  • Paulie competed on The Challenge: War of the Worlds alongside Natalie, Da'Vonne, Liz, Julia, Morgan, Josh, and Celebrity Big Brother 18 (UK) winner Stephen Bear.[12] He was chosen by Prospect/Rookie "Ninja" Natalie Duran to be her Veteran partner. After the pairs were split up at the end of Episode 9, Paulie ended up getting eliminated alongside Da'Vonne after losing the Penultimate Challenge in Episode 14.
  • Paulie competed on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 alongside Josh, Kayleigh and Bear. He was placed on Team USA.[13] Paulie ended up making it to the Final Challenge for a second time in his Challenge career, alongside Cara Maria, Ninja, Ashley Mitchell, Kam Williams, Leroy Garett and Zach Nichols. During the middle of Stage One of the Final, Paulie ended up passing out from exhaustion and heat stroke, but was able to bounce back. Paulie got the third spot out of four Americans in Stage Two, alongside Ninja, Cara and Zach, but ultimately they lost to Team UK, thus placing second in the Final.
  • Paulie was set to compete on The Challenge: Total Madness, but was ultimately dropped for the final cast for reasons unknown, and after he was dropped, Cara Maria pulled herself from the cast in solidarity. Had he played, he would have competed alongside Josh, Bear, Kaycee, Fessy, Bayleigh, Swaggy C, and HaAh HaGadol VIP 3 winner Asaf Goren.


  • Paulie is the first "newbie" (and male) to win HoH in Big Brother 18.
  • He is the first houseguest to win HOH twice in Big Brother 18.
  • Paulie is the first houseguest to win the PoV twice in Big Brother 18.
  • Paulie is the first houseguest to win HoH and PoV in the same week in Big Brother 18.
  • Paulie is the brother of Big Brother 16 runner-up Cody Calafiore.
  • Paulie is the third HouseGuest to win the Power of Veto in all three situations (as HOH, as a nominee, and as a picked player), sometimes referred to as the Trifecta Veto. The first HouseGuests do accomplish were Daniele Donato and Shane Meaney
  • Paulie has the worst place finish for a houseguest with 5 or more competitions at 8th place. The first houseguest to accomplish this was Aaryn Gries. He is the first male to accomplish this feat.
    • He also has the lowest place finish for a houseguest with multiple HoHs and multiple PoVs in a single season.
  • Paulie is tied with Corey and Paul for the most PoV competitions won in Big Brother 18 with three wins each.
  • Both times, he was HOH, the Roadkill winner was evicted.
  • Paulie is the first houseguest to make a cameo in one season before being cast in another, followed by Ross Mathews, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Kato Kaelin. Paulie is the only civilian houseguest to hold this distinction.
    • The first time he was shown in Cody's premiere night intro on season 16, and later he appeared with his brother as they visited Derrick Levasseur to discuss season 17.
    • Ross' and Marissa's cameos happened before Paulie's did, but Paulie's counts as the first because he became a houseguest before they did.
  • Paulie is the first houseguest to ever be evicted by the HOH whom he evicted early on. He was evicted under the HOH reign of Victor during Week 8. He was followed by Natalie Negrotti a few weeks later, who was also evicted under Victor's HOH reign week 11.
  • Paulie created a lot of controversy for his comments toward Natalie Negrotti and other women in the house.
  • It is heavily rumored that Paulie was an alternate for his brother Cody on Big Brother 22 (US), going through quarantine and sequester, but was ultimately unused.[14] He went on to try out for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team instead.


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