Paul Jake Castillo is the runner-up on Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up

He was known in the house for his competitiveness and mature outlook in life. He was often seen as a threat both physically and mentally by the rival Team B when it comes to the House Competitions. He was also serious when it comes to the tasks, which often come across as bossy.

Paul Jake is one of the original residents of House A and was closest to his male housemates who call themselves as C4 Boys.

He reached the Big Night finale, where he garnered 1,044,275 votes or 27.31% of total votes, only losing to Melisa Cantiveros who got 1,226,675 votes, making him the runner-up of the season.


Paul Jake Castillo Biography

Real Name: Paul Jake Castillo
Nickname: Paul Jake
Origin: Cebu
Age: 24
Birthdate: December 22, 1984
Nationality: Filipino
Occupation: Businessman
Civil Status: Single
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: drag racing, air soft, flag football, online games
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food: Japanese and Filipino food
Favorite Show: action series
Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt
Favorite Actress: Kate Beckinsale
Favorite Singer:

Paul Jake belongs to a wealthy family and since childhood he lived a comfortable life. But his parents also taught him all the right values. Paul also doesn’t mind enjoying the simple things in life with his friends. He mingles with employees of their company as if he is not the heir to the family empire. However, not wanting to rely solely on his family, he put up his own business which eventually became successful. Paul earned enough money to study abroad.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
To be here in PBB. I never expected I would be chosen.
What/who will you miss the most upon entering Kuya’s house?
My family, friends, girlfriend, car.
If you can be a celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Brad Pitt. He’s a good actor.
Do you think you’ll get along well with the other housemates? Why?
I get along with almost everyone.
What would irritate/annoy you inside the house?
People with no manners.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up

Task History

Week 1 Team A Weekly Task 1 Win
Week 2 Team A Weekly Task 2 Win
Week 3 Team A Weekly Task 3 Win
Week 4 Team A Weekly Task 4 Loss
Week 5 Team A Weekly Task 5 Loss
Week 6 Team A Weekly Task 6 Win
Week 7 Team A Weekly Task 7 Loss
Week 8 Team A Weekly Task 8 Win
Week 9 Team A Weekly Task 9 Loss
Week 10 House United Weekly Task 10 Loss
Week 11 House United Weekly Task 11 Win
Week 12 House United Weekly Task 12 Win
Week 13 House United Weekly Task 13 Loss
Week 14 House United Weekly Task 14 Win
Week 15 House United Weekly Task 15 Loss
Week 16 House United Weekly Task 16 Win

Weekly Budget History

Week 1 with Budget
Week 2 with Budget
Week 3 with Budget
Week 4 Staples
Week 5 Staples
Week 6 with Budget
Week 7 Staples
Week 8 Staples
Week 9 with Budget
Week 10 Staples
Week 11 with Budget
Week 12 with Budget
Week 13 Staples
Week 14 with Budget
Week 15 Staples
Week 16 with Budget

Competition History

Week 11 HOH Win
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 12 HOH Loss
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 13 HOH Loss
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 14 HOH Win
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 15 HOH Loss
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 16 HOH Loss
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 17 HOH Loss
Hand Grenade Survived
Week 18 Big Jump Loss

Hand Grenade History

Week 1-10 Twist Not Active
Week 11 HOH
Week 12 Eligible
Week 13 Eligible
Week 14 HOH
Week 15 Eligible
Week 16 Eligible
Week 17 Eligible
Week 18 Hand Grenade Phase Over

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 2-Delio Dimaculangan
1-Princess Manzon
2-Melisa Cantiveros
4 2-Delio Dimaculangan
1-Rob Stumvoll
2-Melisa Cantiveros
2-Johan Santos
5 2-Delio Dimaculangan
1-Jason Francisco
2-Melisa Cantiveros
6 2-Jason Francisco
1-Rica Paras
2-Melisa Cantiveros
2-Carol Batay
1-Johan Santos
7 2-Carol Batay
1-Rica Paras
2-Rica Paras
1-Melisa Cantiveros
1-Johan Santos
8 2-Carol Batay
1-Jason Francisco
2-Carol Batay
9 2-Carol Batay
1-Rica Paras
11 2-Johan Santos
1-Cathy Remperas
Head of Household
12 2-Cathy Remperas
1-Melisa Cantiveros
1-Kath Lopeña-Ortega
13 2-Rica Paras
1-Sam Pinto
2-Hermes Bautista
2-Sam Pinto
14 2-Johan Santos
1-Cathy Remperas
Head of Household
15 2-Cathy Remperas
1-Johan Santos
1-Johan Santos
16 2-Johan Santos
1-Kath Lopeña-Ortega
2-Johan Santos
1-Kath Lopeña-Ortega
17 2-Melisa Cantiveros
1-Kath Lopeña-Ortega
2-Melisa Cantiveros
2-Jason Francisco
1-Kath Lopeña-Ortega
18 2-Marielle Sorino
1-Johan Santos
1-Marielle Sorino
1-Melisa Cantiveros
1-Johan Santos
1-Steve Jumalon
1-Jason Francisco
via Open Voting
19 Big Night Finale 2nd Big Placer

Post Big Brother

  • In December 2016, Paul Jake married actress Kaye Abad in Cebu.


  • Paul Jake spent most of his days inside the Big Brother house living in House A, his original residence in the house. He only stayed in House B for two weeks due to the house swap on Week 4.
  • He had been considered to be a strong contender to be a Big Winner from the start and was considered a threat to most housemates of the rival team.


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