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{{International/North America Housemate/Houseguest
|Image = [[File:Paul_profile.jpg|225px]]
|Currently = Winner
|SeriesFullName = Teen Big Brother: The Experiment
|TimesSaved=1 (Day 7)
|Place = 1st
|Votes = 0
|Days = 10
|NominationsRecievedInternational = 3
|TimesNominatedInternational= 2 (Days 7 & 10)
'''Paul Brennan''' is the winner of [[Teen Big Brother: The Experiment]].
'''Paul Brennan''' is the winner of [[Teen Big Brother: The Experiment]].

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Paul Brennan is the winner of Teen Big Brother: The Experiment.

He is best known for being mean to the other housemates despite this he ultimately survived the season and won a trip around the world.


Retrieved from Channel 4
Age: 18
Hometown: Belfast, N. Ireland
Significant others: Shares a flat with his friend in Belfast

Extrovert Paul is a hairdresser and says he's wanted to chop tresses for a living since the age of 13. His ambition is to work as a coiffeur to catwalk models in Milan. He left home at 16 to pursue a career in hairdressing but he still really misses his mum. He regularly visits his mum though and the two have a good relationship. Paul is gay and said that he got picked on at school because of this. Nevertheless it hasn't made him bitter and he's a bubbly, larger-than-life character who wants to go far in life. He's not motivated by money but admits he wants to challenge people's attitudes towards him – show them he's not just another 'gay hairdresser'! [1]

Player History - Teen Big Brother: The Experiment

Nomination/Voting History

Day Position Voted for With Majority?
3 Tracey Fowler
Hasan Shah
No (Tracey)
Yes (Hasan)
5 Hasan Shah Yes
7 Nominated Jade Dyer
(to save)
Finale Winner Caroline Cloke
(to win)

Note: On Day 10 (The Finale) the 6 remaining housemates had to vote for a winner. Paul voted for Caroline to win and Paul received 3 votes to win, making him the winner.



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