Helen "Oviya" Nelson is a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil 1.

She's often referred to as the most popular contestant ; not only in the first season, but in all of Bigg Boss Tamil's history. She made waves on social media and among popular people because of the way she never spoke of someone behind their back and most importantly, because of her perky 'take-it-easy' attitude. 

Her fans are referred to as the 'Oviya Army', though some call themselves the 'Oviya Family' as per her request on another television show.


Oviya, birth name Helen Nelson, is an Indian actress. She has portrayed roles in several films, a few popular ones being 'Maheshwari' in Kalavani, 'Maya' in Kalakalappu and 'Kavya' in Kanchana 3. 

She was born in Thrissur, Kerala.

She's 1.68m tall. She was born on 29 April, 1991.

She's also released albums, Amma En Amma, Vol.3 to name two.

Player History - Bigg Boss Tamil 1

Nominations History

Weeks Oviya Nominations Vote Received Note
1 Ganja
2 Ganja
4 Vote Nominated
3 Gayathri
6 Vote Nominated
4 Ganesh
6 Vote Nominated
5 Juliana
5 Vote Nominated
6 Aarar
7 Vote Nominated

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  • Oviya holds the record for most consecutive nominations in Bigg Boss Tamil 1, with 5 in a row.
  • Oviya also is the most popular contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil's history; the first time she was nominated, over a million people voted for her and it was only the second week.
  • She's inspired a lot of songs, one being 'Shut Up Pannunga', which was a reference to an iconic dialogue she said during her stay in the Bigg Boss house to fellow contestant Ganja Karuppu.
  • Other phrases popularized by her include 'Spray Adichupuduven' (I'll spray it!) and 'Kokku Nattu...' (A Tamil tongue twister) among others.
  • Consequent to her being on Bigg Boss, she received several movie offers and brand endorsements.
  • Oviya walked out from the show due to depression.


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