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Antonio "Orky" Orač is the winner of Big Brother Croatia 7.


Retrieved and translated from RTL
Antonio Orač is 24 years old and comes from Bjelovar where he works as a waiter. "So far I've made 13 dismissals, but now I'm much smarter and that's all behind me. My friends think I'm crap because I like to get rid of coffee bars, bathe in the fountain, "Orky reveals, adding that the worst thing he likes to drink is the worst thing. "My bad trait is what I drink. I was drunk one day, called the taxi and half slept. He brought me home, but he could not wake me and took me on an emergency, "recounts one of Antonio's many anecdotes who have moved from emergency to psychiatry, and friends have to save him to stay there. Orky is obsessed with sneakers and says he can not find a normal woman. "I do not like women who constantly complain, I do not like to have claws and they always sting. I'm so in love, so there's a chance I could fall in love with the house! "Admits Antonio.[1]

Player History - Big Brother Croatia 7[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Antonio Benček
1-Bojana Lončarević
3 2-Bojana Lončarević
1-Lucija Stojak
1-Marijan Lisak
1 points
No Nominations Nominated
4 2-Nikola Vidović
1-Matija Štainer
2-Dubravka Ujević Veron
2-Matija Štainer
1-Ljiljana Lipovac

4 points
5 Unknown
Tomislav Roso (TS) Nominated
6 2-Dubravka Ujević Veron
1-Ljiljana Lipovac
7 2-Dubravka Ujević Veron 1-Luka Rok Medunović Nominated
1 point to move
2-Ancy Kovačec
1-Antonio Benček
8 1-Ana Marković 1-Lucija Stojak
1-Ana Marković

2 points to save
8 No Nominations Nominated
10 2-Tomislav Roso (TS)
1-Ana Marković (TS)
2-Tomislav Roso (TS)
1-Marin Novaković (TS)
1-Petar Stipetić (TS)

4 points to save
2-Karla Jakelić
1-Antonio Benček
1-Lidija Marić
1 point
11 2-Lidija Marić
1-Antonio Benček
12 Ineligible
1-Lucija Stojak Saved
13 2-Anezi Nezirević
1-Nikola Sedlar
1-Anezi Nezirević Ineligible
14 No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]



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