Oriana Marzoli is a housemate on Gran Hermano VIP 6 (Spain).


Retrieved and Translated from Telecinco.
A beautiful day was born ... March 13, 1992, in Caracas (Venezuela)
Realities 'You would go back with your ex' in Chile and it rang for 'GH VIP'
Very flirtatious Girl "pinky promise", never without her gloss
It is considered ... Authentic
Oriana Marzoli is a very intense woman who came to the set of 'Women and Men and vice versa' with the aim of captivating Christian's heart. Then he fell in love with Tony Spina, until later he made the final leap and reached the throne of the program. An all-rounder of reality shows. He left authentic momentazos on the island of 'Survivors' and now goes as a contestant to 'Big Brother VIP 6'. It shows the natural in his reality vlog in mtmad: Something happens with Oriana . [1]

Nominations History- Gran Hermano VIP 6

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Walked


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