Ori Gross is a housemate on HaAh HaGadol VIP 3.


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Uri Gross, one of Israel's leading screenwriters and filmmakers. Just recently, three series that he created were broadcast together: "Zvi has a problem" (season 2), "Obey" and "Forber". Gross began his professional career writing to the youth newspaper Rosh 1, where he received an offer from Michal Yanai to write her program, Michal's Carnival. After writing for Yannai the program "Katzfat" received an offer from Tal to work with him on the program "Only in Israel", Gross signed the first two seasons of "Only in Israel" submitted by Erez Tal and Orna Banai. Later, Gross and Erez Tal developed the "Safe" program, an Israeli game that made history when sold to countries around the world. He later wrote the successful series "Our Song", "Danny Hollywood" "Tnuhi", "High School Festigal" and in recent years he also wrote the series "Tzvi has a problem" that is broadcast on the network 13. Gross is also one of the wisest writers in Instagram and Facebook where he expresses his views and worldviews cynically and comically. Gross is a father to two and he says he is a very involved father [1]

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Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Vicky Knafo
Eden Yohanan
Aviva Tavori
2 Aviva Tavori
Vicky Knafo
Aviva Tavori
3 Orly Revivo
Adi Leon
No Nominations Nominated
4 Orly Revivo
Adi Leon

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