Oleh Riaszeńczew was a housemate on Big Brother Poland 6.


Retrieved and Translated from TVN
• Age: 20 years
• City: Słubice
Oleh has Polish roots, so he decided to move to Słubice. From his early years he fell in love with sports - he was the champion of Ukraine in gymnastics and boxing. Sport is his whole life, that is why in the future he would like to start a career as a personal trainer. He fell in love with Poland and he feels great here. He is currently working in a construction company. Oleh is a very ambitious and responsible boy who is able to stay calm in every situation. Raised in accordance with specific rules, which he tries to manage in life. His father is the greatest authority to him, and he is the only person, who he might be scared of. [1]

Player's History - Big Brother Poland 6

Task History

Week 2 Weekly Task Passed
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed
Week 4 Weekly Task Passed
Week 5 Weekly Task Passed
Week 6 Weekly Task Passed
Week 7 Weekly Task Passed
Week 8 Weekly Task Failed
Week 9 Weekly Task Passed
Week 10 Weekly Task Passed
Week 11 Weekly Task Failed
Week 12 Weekly Task Passed

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Exempt
Marlena Klimczyk
Łukasz Darłak
Bartłomiej Boruc
Marlena Klimczyk
Tomasz Urban
2 Łukasz Darłak
Magda Wójcik
Tomasz Urban
3 Justyna Żak
Łukasz Darłak
4 Kasia Olek
Justyna Żak
5 Kasia Olek
Magda Wójcik
Magda Wójcik Igor Jakubowski Nominated
7 Justyna Żak
Kasia Olek
Angelika Głaczkowska
Bartłomiej Boruc
8 Justyna Żak
Kasia Olek
Bartłomiej Boruc
Izabela Mączka
9 Kasia Olek
Bartłomiej Boruc
Izabela Mączka
10 Bartłomiej Boruc
Magda Zając
Izabela Mączka Nominated
11 Bartłomiej Boruc
Łukasz Darłak
Bartłomiej Boruc
Izabela Mączka
12 Łukasz Darłak
Bartłomiej Boruc
Bartłomiej Boruc
Igor Jakubowski
Łukasz Darłak


  1. Riaszeńczew Oleh (in polish) (17 March 2019).


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