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Nominations is a process in the game wherein the one or all houseguests would vote their fellow houseguests for eviction. If nominated, the nominees, would have to convince either the public or their housemates to save them in various ways, most often via speech.

There are various nomination processes that are applicable to certain versions of Big Brother depending on the format. Typically in North American versions, the Head of Household has the sole responsibility to nominate two houseguests for eviction, whereas in most international versions, all housemates are required to nominate two people privately in the Diary Room and must give specific reasons for their nominations, otherwise their nominations would be invalid.

Interestingly, a nomination can be affected by a power or a twist. Most seasons have implemented certain twists that have affected nomination processes, for example, the Power of Veto. Usually, these special powers and twists could either save or endanger the nominees' lives inside the house.

In some cases except on North American versions, Big Brother has the power to give an automatic nomination as punishment to a houseguest if he/she violated a major house rule, typically after receiving a second violation warning.

North America[]

The Nomination Ceremony[]


Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 (US) draws a key

The Head of Household selects two houseguests to nominate for eviction. The exceptions to this rule arrived during Big Brother 9 (US), Big Brother 15 (US), Big Brother 16 (US), Big Brother 17 (US), Big Brother 18 (US), Big Brother: Over The Top, Big Brother 19 (US), Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US), Big Brother Canada 7, Big Brother 21 (US), Big Brother 23 (US) and Big Brother 24 (US) where two different kinds of twists required three/four nominees each week, with still only one person leaving each week. Each HOH still nominates only two houseguests in those situations. The HOH places the keys of the players who are safe into the Nomination Box, a circular device with numbered key slots. The keys of those who are nominated are placed in a smaller box located in the HOH suite. The HOH pulls the first key, revealing that that person is safe. The HOH spins the Lazy Susan to the owner of the key, who then puts it around their neck, and pulls the subsequent key. This proceeds until there are no more keys in the box, with two players left without keys being nominated. The HOH stands up and explains the reasoning behind their nominations. At this point, the HOH calls the ceremony adjourned and the houseguests return their keys to the Memory Wall. The Nomination Ceremony takes place at the kitchen table. The Ceremony occurs each week until the Final Three, at which point both houseguests who lost the final HOH are automatically nominated.

The twists that allowed for a third or fourth nominee include:

  • Soulmates - In Big Brother 9 (US), the houseguests played in pairs for the first half of the season, with the rules still operating as if it was a normal season. One pair would win HOH and they would nominate two pairs for four individual nominees total. There would always be four nominees, even if the POV was used. In that case, one pair would be replaced with another. Houseguests would also be evicted as pairs, meaning two houseguests left every week for that portion of the game.
  • Most Valuable Player - In Big Brother 15 (US), America voted for one houseguest to become MVP, where they would secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. They control the renom if their initial nominee is saved by the Power of Veto.
  • America's Nominee - In Big Brother 15 (US) and Over The Top, America voted for one houseguest to go on the block as a third nominee, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. Whoever had the second (or third/fourth depending on the POV results) votes after the initial vote automatically became the replacement in BB15, while in BBOTT if the nominee was Vetoed, there would be no replacement.
  • Battle of the Block - In Big Brother 16 (US) and 17 (US), two HOHs would be crowned each week, and they would each nominate two houseguests for eviction. Those nominated pairs would compete in the Battle of the Block, where one pair wins safety, dethroning the HOH that nominated them, leaving one HOH and two nominees to continue the week as normal.
  • Roadkill Competition - In Big Brother 18 (US), houseguests would compete in the Roadkill Competition, where the winner would secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. They control the renom if their initial nominee is saved by the POV.
  • Hit The Road - During the premiere of Big Brother 19 (US), there was no HOH or POV in play. After half of the house was granted immunity, the remaining half competed for safety, with the losing three being nominated for eviction. They then voted on whether they would like to hold another competition or have a regular eviction vote between the three, and they chose to do a vote.
  • Den of Temptation Curse - Also in Big Brother 19 (US), one houseguest would receive a curse from the Den of Temptation in the first week. They would have to nominate themselves as a third nominee, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees, at one of the next three nomination ceremonies, but if the POV was used to save them, there would be no replacement.
  • Temptation Competition - Once again in Big Brother 19 (US), houseguests chose whether or not they would compete in the Temptation Competition each week. The winner would be granted immunity, while the loser goes on the block as a third nominee, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. If the POV was used to save them, there would be no replacement.
  • Power Pair - In Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US), the houseguests competed in a Power Pair competition. The winning pair would then be eligible to play in the HOH, but while the winner becomes HOH, the loser automatically becomes a third nominee alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. While not officially confirmed, it was assumed that if the Veto was used on the third nominee there would be no replacement, as that was the precedent set in BBOTT and BB19.
  • Secret Assassin - In Big Brother Canada 7, one houseguest would complete a task to become the Secret Assassin. This person would then secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction, alongside the HOH's two Post-POV nominees. This twist took place after the POV had already been played, so there was no chance for a renomination.
  • America's Field Trip - In Big Brother 21 (US), America voted for three houseguests they want to see compete in a competition. The winner would be granted immunity, while the runner-up gets a punishment, and the loser goes on the block as a third nominee, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. If the POV was used to save them, there would be no replacement.
  • Nomination Punishment - In Big Brother 23 (US), one of the paths in the Domino Effect Power of Veto competition contained a third nominee punishment, and if the winner of the competition chose to use that path, they would be forced to become a third nominee during the following week, alongside the HOH's two initial nominees. If they won HOH that week, the punishment would move onto the week after. If the POV was used to save them, there would be no replacement.
  • Festie Besties - In Big Brother 24 (US), the houseguests were split up into pairs of "Festie Besties", and duos could only be nominated next to each other. Once a pair was broken up, the surviving member of that pair would then go on to join a new Bestie duo, turning it into a trio. The rules remained the same, and so if a trio was nominated, all three of them would be on the block together, with the two surviving members once again operating as a duo post-eviction. If a set of Festie Besties were vetoed off the block, all of them would be safe whether it was a duo or trio, and the replacement would be yet another set of Besties.

During Double Eviction and "Fast Forward" weeks, the HOH simply names the nominees with no need for a ceremony.

For Big Brother Canada, nominations take place in the lounge area instead of the dining table, and instead of the nomination box, a combined memory/nomination board is used. A rectangular key card is used instead of a key. They also introduced the Triple Eviction, which also ended with three nominees on the block, but with two people leaving and one surviving. Nominations were made similarly to Double Evictions, with the HOH simply naming them in the moment. The first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother (US) also used a similar format during their finales, with three playing who lost the Final HOH competition would automatically be nominated, while the winner of that competition then chooses which person they want to bring to Final Two, evicting the remaining two.


Big Brother 16 (US) Nomination Box

The traditional key pulling Nomination Ceremony was discarded completely for Big Brother 16 onwards, as well as Big Brother Canada 3 onwards. From BB16 onwards, the Head of Household put the keys of the nominees of their choice in the new nomination boxes. The HoH would twist their keys and the photos of their nominees appear on the Memory Wall screen. This format was used throughout, during both the 2 HoH twist and when the game reverted to the regular format, and stuck around in future seasons. In BB24, during the Festie Bestie phase of the game, there was only one key in the nomination box, and when turned it would show the entire duo/trio that was nominated at once. In Big Brother Canada 3 onwards, the HoH would enter the Big Brother vault and input the nomination on a touch screen computer. Once this was done, the HoH makes their way to the lounge area and will stand in front of the houseguests. The HoH will then either pull a lever or insert a card (depending on the season) to reveal the first nominee's picture that will appear on the TV screen. The HoH will then pull another lever or insert another card to reveal the second nominee's picture that will appear on the TV screen.

During Big Brother: Over The Top, the Nomination Ceremony was replaced by the Safety Ceremony, where instead of naming the two nominees directly, the HOH names everyone who is safe, leaving only the two nominees unnamed.

The Nomination Speech[]

Each version of Big Brother has its own speech, but the most well-known one is the Big Brother U.S. speech.

"This is the nomination ceremony. It is my responsibility as the Head of Household to nominate two Houseguests for eviction. In my nomination block are the keys of the houseguests I am nominating for eviction, I will turn two keys to lock in my nominations and their faces will appear on the memory wall. The first houseguest I have nominated is (Turn's Key) (Face Appears), The next Houseguest I have nominated is (Turns Key) (Face Appears), I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them). This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned/complete." - Big Brother 16 onwards

HOH 1: This is the nomination ceremony. It is our responsibility as the Heads of Household to each nominate two people for eviction. Based off a random draw, I will reveal my nominations first. The first houseguest I have nominated is (Turn's Key) (Face Appears), The second Houseguest I have nominated is (Turns Key) (Face Appears), I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them). HOH 2: The first houseguest I have nominated is (Turn's Key) (Face Appears), The second Houseguest I have nominated is (Turns Key) (Face Appears), I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them) This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned/complete." - Big Brother 16 to Big Brother 17 (Battle of the Block Variant)

"This is the nomination ceremony. It is my duty as Head of Household to nominate two people for eviction. I will pull the first key/keycard, that person is safe. That person will pull the next key/keycard, so on and so forth. (Pulls Key/Keycard) (Safe Houseguest's Name), you are safe. (Repeated Until The Two Nominees Remain)  I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them). This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned/complete." - Big Brother 2 to Big Brother Canada 2

Nomination Block[]

The Nomination Block is the chairs in the Living Room where the Nominees sit on Eviction Night and during the Power of Veto ceremony. Once the Nomination Ceremony is over, the houseguests without keys are considered on Nomination Block.


The Nomination Block is surrounded by couches on either side and has a head-on view of the television used to communicate with host Julie Chen (or Arisa Cox for the Canadian edition). Houseguests on Nomination Block are ineligible to vote.

The Backdoor[]

It is a popular strategy to place two houseguests in an opposing alliance to the Head of Household on Nomination Block. However, because both nominees get to play in the Veto, a popular strategy called "backdooring" places two "pawns" or "decoy nominations" on the block. The HOH does not want either of the nominees to go home. Instead, they are merely used as placeholders until after the Veto. This prevents a strong competitor from playing in the Veto, thus saving themselves. Instead, the Veto is guaranteed to be used and the HOH selects their true target as the replacement, thus leaving them defenseless. This strategy was created in Big Brother 5 (US) by Nakomis Dedmon, then called her "Six Finger Plan", a nod at the fact that all six Veto players were in on the plan to backdoor Jase Wirey. The plan was successful and an enraged Jase was evicted without the chance to defend himself. A rule change to prevent the backdoor was implemented during Big Brother All-Stars (US), making the players in the POV competition randomly selected, meaning there is always a chance for everyone to play in the competition, greatly reducing the odds of a successful backdoor.


Although the international format requires all housemates to nominate two people for eviction, there are two processes that appear on certain versions of Big Brother; a process involving nomination points and a regular voting process.

Nomination Points System[]


Franki Russell from Pinoy Big Brother: Otso giving her nomination points inside the Confession Room.

In some versions, notably Pinoy Big Brother, the nomination ceremony revolves around giving nomination points to two housemates they want to face eviction. This nomination is currently used in Big Brother Finland, Big Brother Sverige & Gran Hermano Argentina. This process was first used in Big Brother Denmark, and has formerly appeared in Big Brother Australia from 2001 to 2014, and Big Brother Mexico. Spin-offs like Secret Story Spain and La Casa de los Famosos (USA & Mexico) also use this process.

Every week, all housemates must go to the Diary Room wherein they have to distribute three nomination points (in rare cases 5 points) to fellow housemates; 2 points for one housemate, and 1 point to another housemate. Further, the housemates must state valid reasons, be it for strategic or personal reasons, otherwise Big Brother will not accept the nomination. They are also not allowed to give themselves a nomination point. The housemates who received the three highest nomination points would be nominees of the week. As a result, the number of nominees may vary if some housemates are tied to receiving the top three highest points. At the end of the week, the public will vote for who they wanted to stay, the housemate with the lowest save votes will be evicted.

Ordinary Voting System[]

Based on the original Dutch nomination process, this system has been used by most Big Brother versions, with Big Brother UK being the most notable, Big Brother Brazil and including the first season of Big Brother US.

In this process, all housemates must nominate one or two fellow housemates for eviction. Depending on the week or events, the 2-4 people with the most nominations are nominated for eviction, and the public gets to vote 1 of the nominated houseguests to be evicted. The houseguest with the most votes by the public will be evicted. Unlike the Points system, this system has a basic process of voting

Nomination Challenge System[]

Main article: Nomination Competition
Recent international seasons have started implementing this new nomination process. Instead of the usual nomination voting, all housemates would compete in a series of challenges in order to gain safety/immunity, at the end of the challenge, the housemates who received the three lowest scores, or those who failed to win a challenge round, would be the set of nominees.

This process has been used in Pinoy Big Brother, Big Brother UK, Big Brother Brazil and Big Brother Naija as a twist. The current version of Big Brother Sverige was most notable for removing the ordinary voting process and replacing it with weekly nomination challenges during the first phase of a Swedish season, with a reason that the nomination voting had negatively affected the mental health of previous Swedish seasons' contestants. The 2020 reboot of Big Brother Australia also uses the nomination challenges but is used similarly to North American format's HOH Challenge than an alternative process for nomination.

The Nomination Ceremony[]

In International versions, the nomination ceremony is held individually and privately inside the Diary Room. The housemates are prohibited to make any form of discussion about his/her nominations, and they are also prohibited to influence other housemates to nominate certain people. Doing so is considered a major violation in the Big Brother Rule Book. After the voting, the housemates must gather in the living room to wait for the announcement. Typically, either the host or Big Brother would preside the ceremony and the announcement of nominees. After the announcement of nominees, the nominated housemates are given a short amount of time to plead for their safety.

In some seasons, various twists have appeared that changed the usual nomination ceremony. These twists include:

  • Face to Face Nominations: The houseguests would nominate individually inside the Diary Room, but once this twist is announced, all housemates must individually state their nominations in front of everyone else. The twist forces each housemate to expose their targets in front of everyone else. This face-to-face process is usually done in various elaborate ways, mostly for the suspense on the housemates and the viewers.
    • Nominees as Fake Evictees: Usually happening as part of a fake finale week twist, the remaining housemates must evict each other, often voting in front of each other or through a challenge, until the desired number of finalists are left in the house. Unknown to them, the evictees were not evicted at all, instead, they would be sent to a secret area for a while until they could go back into the house again as nominees. The fake finalists would instead gain immunity for the week. This twist appeared on Pinoy Big Brother: All In and Pinoy Big Brother: Otso - Batch 2 respectively.
  • Positive Nominations: Instead of nominating for who they want to evict, the housemates must nominate on which housemates, aside from themselves, they want to be saved.
  • Rank-based Nominations: Instead of usual voting, the housemates must rank everyone including themselves from most deserving to least deserving. The two or three housemates who got the lowest ranks would become the nominees.
  • Viewer's Nominee: Aside from the housemates, the viewers are also given the power to nominate a housemate.
  • Spontaneous Nomination: Once a week, one housemate can choose to upgrade their nomination power to 3 points and 2 points instead of the usual 2 points and 1 point.
  • Lightning Nomination: One housemate can automatically nominate another housemate for eviction, without the possibility of being saved. Each contestant can only use this power once.
  • Ex-Housemates Nomination: Former housemates return to nominate current housemates. This twist appeared on Gran Hermano Argentina 11.


Since its return in 2020, Big Brother Australia has introduced a new nomination process. The current Australian version combines the elements of North American and International nomination processes and ceremonies. In the Australian version, the housemates compete in a nomination challenge wherein the winner gains the power to nominate three housemates for eviction. Compared to its North American counterpart, the Australian version does not have a Head of Household. In addition, there are instances where more than one housemate could gain the power to nominate depending on the nomination challenge.

The Nomination Ceremony[]

Retaining an element from its original international format, the nominator must go inside the diary room to cast their nominations in front of Big Brother. They must also state a valid reason for their nominations. The houseguests gather in the living room as Big Brother presides the ceremony and announces the nominator's nominees. The three named housemates would face eviction.


# Contestant Season Ever
Round of First
Potential Chances
To Be Nominated
Nominated On
Which Chance
1 US Flag Cody Calafiore Big Brother 22 (US) No! 28 Chances 2020
Canada Flag Tychon Carter-Newman Big Brother Canada 9 No! 24 Chances 2021
2 US Flag Danielle Reyes Big Brother 3 (US) Yes! Final 3 20 Chances 20th Chance 2002
US Flag Jason Guy Big Brother 3 (US) Yes! 20 Chances 20th Chance 2002
Canada Flag Jillian MacLaughlin Big Brother Canada 1 Yes! 27 Chances 27th Chance 2013
US Flag Derrick Levasseur Big Brother 16 (US) Yes! 39 Chances 39th Chance 2014
Canada Flag Anthony Douglas Big Brother Canada 7 Yes! 25 Chances 25th Chance 2019
US Flag Enzo Palumbo Big Brother 22 (US) Yes! 28 Chances 28th Chance 2020
US Flag Todrick Hall Celebrity Big Brother 3 (US) Yes! 16 Chances 16th Chance 2022
US Flag Bowie Jane Ball Big Brother 25 (US) Yes! 31 Chances 31st Chance 2023
3 US Flag Hardy Ames-Hill Big Brother 2 (US) Yes! Final 4 9 Chances 8th Chance 2001
Canada Flag Jon Pardy Big Brother Canada 2 Yes! 25 Chances 23rd Chance 2014
US Flag Azah Awasum Big Brother 23 (US) Yes! 29 Chances 27th Chance 2021
Canada Flag Hugo Barrette Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 2 Yes! 27 Chances 26th Chance 2022
Canada Flag Haleena Gill Big Brother Canada 10 Yes! 24 Chances 23rd Chance 2022
US Flag Matt Klotz Big Brother 25 (US) Yes! 31 Chances 29th Chance 2023
Canada Flag Anthony Douglas Big Brother Canada 12 Yes! 24 Chances 23rd Chance 2024
4 US Flag Bunky Miller Big Brother 2 (US) Yes! Final 5 9 Chances 7th Chance 2001
US Flag Drew Daniel Big Brother 5 (US) Yes! 23 Chances 19th Chance 2004
US Flag April Lewis Big Brother 6 (US) Yes! 25 Chances 22nd Chance 2005
Canada Flag Paras Atashnak Big Brother Canada 6 Yes! 26 Chances 22nd Chance 2018
US Flag Holly Allen Big Brother 21 (US) Yes! 26 Chances 25th Chance 2019
US Flag Memphis Garrett Big Brother 22 (US) Yes! 28 Chances 24th Chance 2020
Canada Flag François Lambert Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 1 Yes! 25 Chances 21st Chance 2021


  • Numbers are skewed to reflect the Final Round before their first nomination due to the length of season and amount of contestants.
  • One chance is every time a Head of Household has the opportunity to nominate a contestant, the Nomination Ceremony & the Veto Meeting.
  • Seasons with the Battle of the Block have more chances since there were two Heads of Household nominating during the Nomination Ceremony.


North America[]

  • The only time all 13 slots of the nomination box were used was week 1 on Big Brother 15 (US) before its retirement in Big Brother 16 (US).
  • Victoria Rafaeli holds the record for the most nominations in one season in Big Brother history, being nominated 10 times in Big Brother 16 (US).
    • Janelle Pierzina holds the record for most nominations in Big Brother history with 12 total.
  • Ramses Soto is the first person to successfully nominate themselves for eviction, via a twist. The first people to attempt to nominate themselves were Nick & Phil Paquette, without a twist. Lolo Jones almost got herself nominated when she was taking too long to name a second nominee during the Double Eviction.
  • Danielle Reyes, Jason Guy (both from Big Brother 3 (US)), Derrick Levasseur (from Big Brother 16 (US)), Jillian MacLaughlin (Big Brother Canada 1), Anthony Douglas (Big Brother Canada 7), Enzo Palumbo, Cody Calafiore (both from Big Brother 22 (US)), Tychon Carter-Newman (Big Brother Canada 9), Todrick Hall (Celebrity Big Brother 3 (US)) and Bowie Jane Ball (Big Brother 25 (US)) are the only houseguests to reach the final 3 while never being nominated for eviction.
    • However, all of them were put on the block by default after failing to win the Final HOH, except for Cody and Tychon. That makes them the first and currently only two houseguests to avoid nomination entirely and never be in danger for a whole season.
      • Paul Abrahamian technically also accomplished this feat during Big Brother 19 (US). They received their first nomination in Week 1 but was spared from the block due to the Pendant of Protection, and did not actually go on the block until they lost the Final HOH.
    • Of all the houseguests above, including Paul, only Jason was evicted as a result.
  • Derrick Levasseur (from BB16), Austin Matelson (from BB17), James HulingNicole Franzel (both from BB18), JC Mounduix (from BB20), Holly Allen, Tommy Bracco (both from BB21), Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo (both from BB22), Bowie Jane Ball and Matt Klotz (both from BB25) are the only houseguests to make it past Day 78 without ever being nominated.
  • Alison Irwin (from BB4), Drew Daniel (from BB5), Jon Pardy (from BBCAN2), Kevin Martin (from BBCAN5), Ricky Williams (from CBB2), Cody Calafiore (from BB22) and Tychon Carter-Newman (from BBCAN9) are the only houseguest to make it to the Final Two without facing eviction, as they were never final nominees and all won the Final HOH.
  • From Big Brother 15 (US) (with the exception of Big Brother 20 (US) and Big Brother 22 (US)) onwards, there has been a twist that allowed for there to be at least three or four people nominated before the Veto competition. Similar twists also appeared in Big Brother: Over The Top, Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US) and Big Brother Canada 7.
    • Starting from Big Brother: Over The Top, if there was a third nominee active and they were Vetoed, there would be no replacement nominee, leaving only the HOH's original nominations on the block. This has only happened four times, in BBOTT, 19, 21 and 23.
      • The reason being that the initial nomination was not done directly by a houseguest, but rather by America or a competition. When America took over the MVP twist in BB15, a replacement nominee was still made based on the data from the initial public vote to keep up the illusion that a current houseguest was the MVP.
    • No one has ever won HOH and MVP/Roadkill in the same week, meaning no one has ever made all three nominations themselves.
    • Coincidentally, whenever there were three nominees on the block during eviction night, at least one nominee survived with no votes against them every single time. Meaning the vote was either #-#-0 or #-0-0. This has happened throughout every season with three nominees.
      • BB19's first eviction is the first, and currently only, eviction to have all three nominees receive at least one vote against them. BB19 is also the only season to have had multiple separate twists that allow for a third nominee in one season. However, all were based upon the season's Temptation theme.


  • Big Brother 1 (US) is the only American season to use an international nomination process.
  • Ella Cayabyab currently has the highest amount of nomination points received within a season in Big Brother history. She received a total of 99 nomination points during Pinoy Big Brother: Connect.
  • In all three adaptations of Big Brother Australia, the show has used the two notable nomination processes. During its original Network 10 run and the Nine Network's reboot, the nomination points process was used. Network Seven's current adaptation changed the format to utilize a similar process to the North American versions.


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