Nominees are the people targeted for eviction. It is the responsibility of the Head of Household to choose houseguests to nominate for eviction.

North America

The Nomination Ceremony


Matt from BB12 draws a key

The Head of Household selects two houseguests to nominate for eviction. The exceptions to this rule arrive during Big Brother 15, Big Brother 16, Big Brother 17, Big Brother 18, and Big Brother: Over The Top, where two different new twists required three/four nominees each week. Each HOH still nominates only two houseguests in those situations. Big Brother 19 had a twist that required three nominees, but for the first eviction only, and because of the circumstances, there was no HOH. However, later on, they implemented more twists that allowed for three nominees again, similar to the last few seasons before it. The HOH place the keys of the players who are safe into the Nomination Box, a circular device with numbered key slots. The keys of those who are nominated are placed in a smaller box located in the HOH suite. The HOH pulls the first key. That person is safe. The HOH spins the Lazy Susan to the owner of the key, who then puts it around his or her neck, and pulls the subsequent key. This proceeds until there are no more keys in the box and two players are without keys. They have been nominated. The HOH stands up and explains the reasoning behind his or her nominations. At this point, the HOH calls the ceremony adjourned and the houseguests return their keys to the Memory Wall. The Nomination Ceremony takes place at the kitchen table. The Ceremony occurs each week until the Final Three, at which point both houseguests who lost the final HOH are automatically nominated.

Big Brother 16 Nomination Box

During double eviction and "Fast Forward" weeks, the HoH simply names the nominees.

For Big Brother Canada, nominations take place in the lounge area instead of the dining table and instead of the nomination box a combined memory/nomination board is used. A rectangular key card is used instead of a key.

The traditional key pulling Nomination Ceremony was discarded completely for Big Brother 16 onwards, as well as Big Brother Canada 3 onwards. For BB16 onwards, the Head of Household put the keys of the nominees of their choice in the new nomination boxes. The HoH would twist their keys and the photos of their nominees appear on the memory wall screen. This format was used throughout, during both the 2 HoH twist and when the game reverted to the regular format. In Big Brother Canada 3 onwards, the HoH would enter the Big Brother vault and input the nomination on a touch screen computer. Once this was done, the HoH makes their way to the lounge area and will stand in front of the houseguests. The HoH will then either pull a lever or insert a card (depending on the season) to reveal the first nominee's picture that will appear on the TV screen. The HoH will then pull another lever or insert another card to reveal the second nominee's picture that will appear on the TV screen.

During Big Brother: Over The Top, the Nomination Ceremony was replaced by the Safety Ceremony, where instead of naming the two nominees directly, the HoH names everyone who is safe, leaving only the two nominees.

The Nomination Speech

Each version of Big Brother has their own speech, but the most well-known one is the Big Brother U.S. speech.

"This is the nomination ceremony. It is my responsibility as the Head of Household to nominate two people for eviction. In my nomination box are the keys of the houseguests I am nominating for eviction, I will turn two keys to lock in my nominations and their faces will appear on the memory wall. The first houseguest I have nominated is (Turn's Key) (Face Appears), The second Houseguest I have nominated is (Turns Key) (Face Appears), I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them). This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned/complete." - Big Brother 16 onwards

HOH 1: This is the nomination ceremony. It is our responsibility as the Heads of Household to each nominate two people for eviction. Based off a random draw, I will reveal my nominations first. The first houseguest I have nominated is (Turn's Key) (Face Appears), The second Houseguest I have nominated is (Turns Key) (Face Appears), I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them). HOH 2: The first houseguest I have nominated is (Turn's Key) (Face Appears), The second Houseguest I have nominated is (Turns Key) (Face Appears), I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them) This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned/complete." - Big Brother 16 to Big Brother 17 (Battle of the Block Variant)

"This is the nomination ceremony. It is my duty as Head of Household to nominate two people for eviction. I will pull the first key/keycard, that person is safe. That person will pull the next key/keycard, so on and so forth. (Pulls Key/Keycard) (Safe Houseguest's Name), you are safe. (Repeated Until The Two Nominees Remain)  I have nominated you (HG #1 Name) and you (HG #2 Name). (HG #1 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them), (HG #2 Name) (Reason as to why you nominated them). This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned/complete." - Big Brother 2 to Big Brother Canada 2

Nomination Block

The Nomination Block is the chairs in the Living Room where the Nominees sit on Eviction Night and during the Power of Veto ceremony. Once the Nomination Ceremony is over, the houseguests without keys are considered on Nomination Block.


Nomination Block is surrounded by couches on either side and has a head-on view of the television used to communicate with Julie Chen (or Arisa Cox for the Canadian edition). Houseguests on Nomination Block are ineligible to vote.

The Backdoor

It is a popular strategy to place two houseguests in an opposing alliance to the Head of Household on Nomination Block. However, because both nominees get to play in the Veto, a popular strategy called "backdooring" places two "pawns" or "decoy nominations" on the block. The HOH doesn't want either of the nominees to go home, they are merely used as placeholders until after the Veto. This prevents a strong competitor from playing in the Veto, thus saving themselves. Instead, the Veto is guaranteed to be used and the HOH selects their true target as the replacement, thus leaving them defenseless. This strategy was created in Big Brother 5 by Nakomis Dedmon, then called her "Six Finger Plan", a nod at the fact that all 6 Veto players were in on the plan to backdoor Jase Wirey. The plan was successful and an enraged Jase was evicted without the chance to defend himself. A rule change to prevent the backdoor was implemented during season 7, making the players in the POV competition randomly selected, meaning there is always a chance for everyone to play in the competition, greatly reducing the odds of a successful backdoor.

Australia and Philippines

Nomination Points

PBB Week 12 Nomi

Yong from PBB7 gives his nomination points.

In Big Brother Australia and Pinoy Big Brother, the nomination ceremony revolves around nomination points.

Every week, the housemates will be given nomination points; 5 points for the Australian version while 3 points for the Philippine version and they have to distribute those points to the two housemates they wanted to nominate. The housemates must give valid reasons, be it for strategic or personal reasons, which will be accepted by Big Brother. The housemates who received the top three highest points will be nominees of the week, as a result, the number of nominees each week may vary. The public will then vote for who they wanted to stay, the housemate with the lowest save votes will be evicted.


On many different editions of Big Brother internationally, all houseguests get to nominate two fellow houseguests for eviction. Depending on the week or events, the 2-4 people with the most nominations are nominated for eviction, and the public gets to vote 1 of the nominated houseguests to be evicted. The houseguest with the most votes by the public will be evicted. However, unlike the Australian and the Philippine versions, the international process does not use nomination point system, instead, they just choose two housemates they want to nominate.


  • The only time all 13 slots of the nomination box was used was week 1 on Big Brother 15.
  • Victoria Rafaeli holds the record for the most nominations in one season in Big Brother history, being nominated 10 times in Big Brother 16.
    • Janelle Pierzina holds the record for most nominations in Big Brother history with 12 total.
  • Ramses Soto is the first person to successfully nominate themselves for eviction. The first people to attempt to nominate themselves were Nick & Phil Paquette.
  • Danielle Reyes, Jason Guy (both from Big Brother 3), Derrick Levasseur (from Big Brother 16), and Jillian MacLaughlin (Big Brother Canada 1) are the only houseguests to never be nominated for eviction.
    • However, all four of them were put on the block by default after failing to win the final HOH.
    • Of the four, Derrick and Jillian had won their respective seasons.
  • From Big Brother 15 onwards, there has been a twist that allowed for there to be at least three or four people nominated before the Veto competition.
    • Big Brother 15, Big Brother 18, Big Brother: Over The Top, and Big Brother 19 had the MVP, the Roadkill Competition, America's Nominee, and the Den of Temptation/Temptation Competition respectively to name a third nominee for eviction that week. These are the only times the HoH does not make a nomination, excluding the Coup d'Etat or Diamond Power of Veto. Thus, if any of these nominees are vetoed, the HoH does not name a replacement nominee. During Big Brother: Over The Top, if America's Nominee was vetoed, there is no replacement nominee, although this only occurred once, in the last week of America's Nominee. During BB19, if the Temptation/Cursed Nominee was vetoed, there would also be no replacement, which has also only occurred once so far.
      • No one has ever won HoH and MVP/Roadkill in the same week, meaning no one has ever made all three nominations themselves.
      • Coincidentally, whenever there were three nominees on the block during eviction night, at least one nominee survived with no votes against them every single time. Meaning the vote was either #-#-0 or #-0-0. This has spanned throughout Seasons 15, 18, Over The Top, and 19 (excluding the first eviction).
      • BB19's first eviction is the first, and currently only, eviction to have all three nominees receive at least one vote against them. B19 is also the only season to have had multiple separate twists that allow for a third nominee in one season, however, all were based upon the season's Temptation theme.
    • Big Brother 16 and Big Brother 17 featured the Battle of the Block, where two HoHs would be crowned, and they would each make two nominations. However, once a set of nominees won the BotB, they would be safe for the week, and the HoH who put them up was then dethroned and able to be put up as a replacement nominee if the veto was used, and able to vote if they had remained off the block.


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