Nomination Competition also called as Immunity Challenge is a special kind of Immunity Competition and at the same time a twist to the usual Nominations process.

Winning this type of challenge will secure the winning housemates a safety from facing the public for eviction while those who lose the challenge will be automatically nominated for eviction.

It was introduced in Pinoy Big Brother: All In and became the main process of selecting nominees starting on Week 7. It reappeared again in Pinoy Big Brother: 737 as a recurring nomination twist; appearing on both of the season's two chapters.

It had recurring appearance throughout the 3 Chapters of the 4-part season, Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 as twist on the nomination process.

The competition appeared for the first time on the 19th Civilian Edition of Big Brother (UK) and was implemented for determining the first week's nominees.


Instead of the usual nomination voting process, the housemates will compete in a series of immunity challenges to save themselves from being one of the nominees for the following week.In some cases, the housemates may compete individually or they may be grouped into teams by Big Brother.

Starting from Pinoy Big Brother: 737, whoever lose this competition will be part of the initial set of nominees who will compete in Ligtask Challenge.

There are two formats for this competition.

Elimination Format

For this format, the players will compete in a series of rounds, often in three to four challenges. In each round of challenge, there will be a winner. Who ever wins in each round will be saved from the nominations and will be eliminated from the challenge, thus being ineligible to compete in future rounds. Who ever remained and failed to win any rounds, most especially failed to win the final round will become the week's official set of nominees for next week's eviction

Scoring Format

Sometimes, the point system is used for the competition. The players will compete in a series of challenges and would gain a point corresponding to their place in the challenge; the first place gaining the largest points while the last place gaining the least points. After they all finished the competition, who ever gathered the least total points at the end of the competition will become part of the official set of nominees for next week's eviction.


Pinoy Big Brother: All In

Week Competition Nominated
Week 8 All Out Week Jane Oineza
Jayme Jalandoni
Loisa Andalio
Michele Gumabao
Ranty Portento
Week 10 All in 10 Week Cheridel Alejandrino
Daniel Matsunaga
Jane Oineza
Loisa Andalio
Manolo Pedrosa
Week 11 Super Challenges Fourth Pagotan
Fifth Pagotan
Loisa Andalio
Vickie Rushton
Week 12 Do You Know? Daniel Matsunaga
Jane Oineza
Joshua Garcia

Pinoy Big Brother: 737

Chapter Week Competition Nominated
Teens Week 5 Pinasaya Challenge Ylona Garcia
Kamille Filoteo
Kenzo Gutierrez
Week 6 Big-ating Concert Zonia Mejia
Kamille Filoteo
Jimboy Martin
Adult Week 12 Food Fest, Food Fight
(Big Yanig Week)
Charlhone Petro
Krizia Lusuegro
Mikee Agustin
Roger Lucero
Week 14 Dance 'Til You Drop Tommy Esguerra
Margo Midwinter
Miho Nishida
Zeus Collins

Pinoy Big Brother 7

Chapter Week Competition Nominated
Teen Week 14 Balls in the Box Vivoree Esclito
Kisses Delavin
Yong Muhajil
Adult Week 22 Double Trouble Week Ali Forbes
Jesi Corcuera
Cora Waddell
Wil Dasovich
Luis Hontiveros
Dream Team Week 32 Pair Nomination Week Kisses Delavin Yong Muhajil
Nonong Ballinan Jinri Park

Big Brother 19 (UK)

Week Competition Nominated
Week 1 Big Coin Week Anamélia Silva
Kay Lovelle
Sîan Hamshaw

Pinoy Big Brother OTSO

Chapter Week Ligtask Nominated
Batch 1: Teens Week 4 Jungle Bells Karina Bautista
Kaori Oinuma
Jillian Pilones
Aljon Mendoza
Batch 2: Adults Week 15 Dancem8s Ni Kuya Fumiya Sankai
Joachim Regalado
Lou Yanong
Mitch Talao
William Gucong
Week 16 Duel Challenge Competition William Gucong
JC Gamez
Lou Yanong
Fumiya Sankai

Big Brother Brazil 19

Week Competition Nominated
Week 1 "FIAT Colors Endurance Competition" Alan Possamai
Carolina Peixinho
Diego Wantowsky
Elana Valenária
Gabriela Hebling
Hana Khalil
Hariany Almeida
Isabella Cecchi
Maycon Santos
Rízia Cerqueira
Rodrigo França
Tereza Souza
Vanderson Brito
Vinicius Fernandes


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