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|ProfileInputAnyText = Yes
|ProfileInputAnyText = Yes
|hometown = Beit Hanania
|hometown = Beit Hanania
|occupation = Military Veteran
|occupation = Military Veteran and Farmer
|birthdate = 38 years old
|birthdate = 38 years old

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Nir Avishai Cohen is a housemate on HaAh HaGadol 10.


Nir Avishai Cohen Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Reshet
Nir Avishai, 38, single, from Beit Hanania, grew up and was raised in a farm family specializing in lychee and mango crops. Nir is an army man and served as a combat officer in the regular Golani Brigade and as a commander in the reserve infantry battalion. In 2014 he broke silence and became a witness of the organization "Breaking Silence", and for six months he is the spokesman of the organization.[1]

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  1. Get to know Nir Avishai Cohen (in Hebrew) (1 January 2020). Retrieved on 1 January 2020.

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