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Nine Network
Type Broadcast television network (1956 - present)
Country Australia
Founded 16 September 1956
Launch Date 16 September 1956
Founder(s) Sir Frank Packer
Language(s) English
Area Served Australia
Former Names National Television Network (1956-1960s)

National Nine Network (1960s-1988)

Headquarters Willoughby, New South Wales
Slogan "We Are The One"
Official Website

Nine Network also called Channel Nine or simply Nine, is an Australian television channel that adopted the Big Brother Australia franchise after it was abandoned by Network Ten.

Nine adopted the franchise and in 2012, Big Brother Australia returned for its ninth season, hosted by the Nine Network TV Presenter, Sonia Kruger, with Mike Goldman as the show's presenter on weeknights. The series still used the original house used in the first eight seasons, albeit had different interior plans.

One of the remarkable changes that Nine did was to adopt the wholesome, family friendly format of Big Brother, which was proved successful in rarely few countries such as the neighbouring Philippines, with its Pinoy Big Brother. The change was also made to adapt to the network's reputation as a family-friendly channel as well as to avoid further controversies that deemed inappropriate to be aired in national television.

Nine Network successfully produced three seasons with the said format. However, Big Brother Australia 11 was heavily criticized when the show decided not to air a live stream online. Nine immediately responded regarding the criticisms as the network thought having live feeds weren't suitable for such family-friendly show. Many people were left disappointed for such actions made by the network, leading to lackluster ratings. Nine Network didn't air another season after the 2014 season ended. Nine Network lost the rights to Big Brother in October 2019. Seven Network now holds the rights to show and will air seasons.





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