Nick Bateman was a housemate in Big Brother 1 (UK), Big Brother Panto and Ultimate Big Brother.

During his first season on the show, Nick came to be known as the season's villain due to his duplicitous nature, often lying to his fellow housemates (such as by saying that his wife had died in a car crash) and attempting to turn them against each other. These actions led to him being hated by the public, who dubbed him "Nasty Nick" and called for him to be kicked out of the house. Despite this negative public perception, Nick was well-liked in the house, never receiving a nomination vote during his stay in the house. However, on Day 35 he was confronted by his fellow housemates (who had been tipped off by production) for his actions throughout the season as well as for attempting to manipulate the nominations process. This manipulation ultimately led to him being ejected from the house by the producers.

After his season Nick became an infamous figure in the eye of the public, making multiple appearances on other shows as well as releasing his own book entitled Nasty Nick: How to be a Right Bastard. As a result of his publicity, Nick was asked to participate in Ultimate Big Brother, Big Brother (UK)'s all-stars season. Despite not being trusted by his fellow housemates, he did considerably better this season, making it to finale night and ultimately placing fifth.

Player's History - Big Brother 1 (UK)

Task History

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Sada Wilkington
Caroline O'Shea
- -
3 Caroline O'Shea
Craig Phillips
- -
4 Nichola Holt
Caroline O'Shea
- -
5 Craig Phillips
Nichola Holt
- Ejected

Player's History - Big Brother Panto

Audition History

Auditioned For Part Received
Baron Hardup Baron Hardup

Player's History - Ultimate Big Brother

Task History

Nominations History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 John McCririck
Makosi Musambasi
Ulrika Jonsson -
7 Makosi Musambasi
Nadia Almada
Brian Dowling
Nadia Almada
Nikki Grahame
Ulrika Jonsson
13 Ulrika Jonsson
Vanessa Feltz
Brian Dowling
Chantelle Houghton
Michelle Bass
18 Ineligible
Fifth Place


  • He was the first housemate to be ejected from the Big Brother house across any version of Big Brother.
  • In reference to the massive public backlash he received after his first season, Nick entered the Ultimate Big Brother house wearing a t-shirt reading "it's only a gameshow".
  • He is the only person to be ejected, and then return for another season.
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