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Neha Pendse was a contestant on Bigg Boss 12 (Hindi).

Neha entered the show as one of the original housemates. She was one of the favourites of the public as many felt she was genuine and real. She played the game with upmost dignity and stayed away from controversies.

Her friendship with Dipika Kakar was one of the main highlights. She was mostly accused of agreeing to everything Dipika had said and many of her fellow housemates targeted her for that. However, this did not change the equation of her and the audience who stood by her throughout.

In the fourth week, many including Surbhi Rana and Srishty Rode had nominated her for eviction as they felt she was not bringing anything to the show. However, she was saved as Sreesanth Nair was told he was evicted but instead entered the secret room. Neha was later nominated alongside Karanvir Bohra and was unfairly evicted on Day 29. The public was disappointed with the results and requested for Neha to return back to the show but this was never accepted by the makers.


Player History - Bigg Boss 12 (Hindi)[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not in House
Kriti Verma &
Roshmi Banik

Saba Khan &
Somi Khan

Shivashish Mishra &
Sourabh Patel
2 Kriti Verma &
Roshmi Banik

Shivashish Mishra &
Sourabh Patel
Deepak Thakur &
Urvashi Vani

Nirmal Singh &
Romil Chaudhary

Shivashish Mishra &
Sourabh Patel
3 Ineligible
House Captain
4 No Nominations Nominated
Position Voted for With Majority?
Nominated Ineligible
Nominated Nominated By Final Position
No Nominations Nominated



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